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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update

20th July

2 x HD Videos
Six Ladies
Good Friends
12 mins 35 secs - 566 mb
Elyssia & Lavinia
Light & Dark
11 mins 35 secs - 519 mb


147 images

We are very lucky that the ladies have so many good friends and that they bring them around to enjoy in the fun of our rainwear bondage. These are all from the first visit of Estella, Emily and Victoria. Estella is a new friend of Violet and was bought around after hearing so much about it from Violet. With both these ladies dressed in black and white macs and boots Estella was very keen to have Violet bound and enjoyed ball gagging her and then teasing her by lifting of the tied up lady's feet in the air and tying it off to the beam. Now she was able to cuddle up to Violet in a very loving way. Emily's first visit with Drew ended up with them both being tied up together in long blue hooded macs and patterned wellies and both tied to chairs and then hooded and rubber gagged. Both of them accepting and demure in their bondage. When Imogen bought Victoria around Victoria soon found out how much she liked to have her friend tied up and gagged. Both of them in long black macs Imogen ended up hog tied on the floor, hooded and ball gagged with Victoria tormenting her friend and having a wonderful time.
The light and the dark of rainwear bondage. Elyssia is wearing a clear long hooded mac over her pink bra and knickers and nothing else and she has had her arms roped behind her. She is then scarf gagged and hooded by Helena and she is anchored to the wall behind her to stop her wandering off. Then with her gag taped over and her knees roped together, she and her bound body look quite stunning. A black rubber dressed Lavinia has been tied into a chair, she is wearing a long black rubber coat with waders and gloves and her arms have been roped behind her with red rope and more red rope holds her to the chair, her knees together and her ankles to the chair legs. She is then gagged with a large red bit gag and hooded which only leaves her drool down herself. Her gag is then switched to a huge black rubber inflatable gag forced into her mouth and inflated until her cheeks are fully expanded. The gag is then held in place with layers of clear tape and Lavinia is left to her own struggling, which gets her nowhere, of course.

From Update

13th July

2 x HD Videos
Ruby & Jet
Covered & Wet
13 mins 40 secs - 614 mb
Layered Lady
8 mins 40 secs - 389 mb
Elle & Malika
11 mins 20 secs - 520 mb


171 images

If more than one is better, two, three and four is better still. Ruby is wearing a clear mac backwards over her long red hooded mac with black rubber boots and gloves , both macs are very wet and she has had her arms roped and taped across her chest and she is scarf gagged over the red hood. Lots more tape all over her body followed and her gag was taped over with the same red tape. After ending up on the grass the clear hood was pulled up and tied tight over her face and she was left to roll around while the hood inflated and sucked in as she breathed. Jet has on blue nylon jacket and trousers with a long yellow hooded mac and a long clear hooded mac, again all the macs being soaking wet. Her arms have been roped to her sides and she is gagged with a rubber ball gag over the nylon hood. With the yellow hood then tied up over her head and down over her eyes she was soaked with a water hose before being sat and tied onto a chair and the clear hood added to her head before she received another soaking. For Imogen it was four macs, a long red one, a black see thru one and a purple see thru one, all three being hooded. Then on top she has a see thru red trench coat being worn backwards. Her arms were taped behind with clear tape and the same was used to secure her body and legs. Her cleave gag was taped over with the same and the tow other hoods added to her assemble. Now she was soaked with a water hose s well and then with buckets of water to make sure she was as wet as possible, for if lots of macs are a good thing, lots of water has to be a good thing as well.
It has to be always good to reveal what the ladies are wearing with or under their rainwear and especially if they have beautiful bodies to show off which both Elle and Malika do have. Elle is wearing a long semi see thru red mac and she has been tied to a post with her ankles spread and tied to the palette on which she is standing. She is tightly hooded and gagged and her gag then covered with a long white scarf tied around the post as well. Her mac is pulled up as well and tucked behind her to show off her lovely waders and body at the same time. Malika is wearing just a see thru very short blue rain jacket over her lingerie and is bound into the strappado position with her arms pulled up high behind her and she is gagged with a large blue bit gag. The gag is then retied over her hood leaving her mouth wide open and drooling after she had been stood up straight and held in place with a rope collar. Her jacket was then opened to show off just how beautiful everything about her is.

From Update

6th July

2 x HD Videos
Forever Stunning
12 mins 50 scs - 579 mb
Ruby & Shannon
Pretty in Pink
8 mins 50 secs - 397 mb


146 images

It is obvious that Lavinia is a very stunning lady and when dressed and tied in the macs and boots she will continue to be so. In very stunning lacy lingerie and stockings she is also wearing a knee length glass clear mac with short black rubber boots, long black rubber gloves and a black rubber swim cap with a chin strap. Up against the post her arms and legs have been spread and tied and a black rubber ball is strapped into her mouth. A very tight waist rope and tape around her gagged mouth and the post holds her head up and still. She does manage to kick off one of her boots so that leg in then tied up in the air leaving her to hobble on one foot. In black rain trousers, blue mac, boots and gloves Lavinia was tied up sitting on the grass with her hands bound into her lap and her legs tied into the splits position. Then hooded and tightly ball gagged and with a rope collar holding her to the post, she was going to stay right there. In a short yellow jacket and yellow wellies she had her arms bound to the post in the strappado position high above her head. Ball gagged with a huge yellow sponge gag and then hooded down over her eyes it was a very effective, simple and good to look scene.
Two ladies looking very pretty in their pink rainwear bondage. First there is Ruby in a knee length hooded pink mac and pink lace up wellies. Her arms have been roped behind her and her ankles crossed and tied together and with ropes around chest tied off overhead to prevent her from falling over. Then pink ball gagged and tightly hooded she was left to swing about in her ropes for a while. Her bound wrists were then tied to her waist and a rope from her neck to her ankles made sure she stayed bent over and she could only face the floor. Now struggling in her bonds she drools from her gag because of her very helpless situation. The lovely Shannon is wearing an ankle length pink mac with black rubber boots and she has had her arms taped to the behind her and her knees taped together. She is then hooded and her mouth taped shut with more tape applied to hold her body to the post. After she had been allowed to stand straight a full head pink gas mask was pulled onto her head for no other reason than it looks so good (as they always do) on a tied up rainwear clad lady.

From Update

29th June

2 x HD Videos
Picture Perfect
15 mins 40 secs - 705 mb
Jade & Ruby
Lovving Waders
10 mins 10 secs - 459 mb


153 images

Celeste always makes perfect pictures, this beautiful lady has been coming here from the start and will keep coming back as long as the bondage is as tight as possible, we can do that. Out in the garden on a warm sunny day in her summer dress and boots, a long hooded clear mac was added to her assemble and then her arms were roped very tightly behind her and her knees tied together. Then hooded and ball gagged she ended up first sitting and then laying onto the lawn as her legs were now bound together and she was entirely helpless. In a shiny black trench coat, boots and gloves she had her arms and ankles roped out to the wall and was ball gagged. More rope to hold her body and another black hooded mac was draped over her back with the hood tightened down over her head. Then in a see thru purple trench coat over her lingerie and with purple wellies, her wrists were bound behind her and she was gagged with a very tight purple ring gag forced deep into her mouth. After the mac was fully buttoned and her body was roped she was sat onto the stool and her legs were bound together. She now rotated herself on the stool before being forced to bend forward so her neck was tied down close to her knees. As the title says, this lady is picture perfect.
Ladies loving their waders and their bondage of course. Jade enjoys everything about being here including the dressing up and has been taken with waders ever since she first wore them. Here her waders are coupled with a green nylon jacket over a black one and black rubber gloves. She has had her arms taped down by her sides with clear tape and was rubber bit gagged over the black hood with the top green one then tied up over her head as well. Her knees were taped together and was left to roll around on the bed showing off her waders in the most delightful way. For Ruby it was a yellow jacket to go with her yellow tipped LaCrosse waders and she had her arms roped behind her and her legs spread and tied. Then hooded with a very large yellow sponge gag strapped into her mouth her struggling looked lovely but it did not help her at all. Then with one leg tied high up to the beam and her gag changed for another yellow ball gag she looked even better and so do her waders

From Update

22nd June

2 x HD Videos
Very Helpless
15 mins 30 secs - 701 mb
Emily, Elyssia, Violet
Tight Tape
18 mins 10 secs - 821 mb


170 images

It is always lovely to se Violet very helpless and that is the way she likes it as well. In a pink rain suit she is taped into a chair with her feet and hands taped up Inside the suit. She is also taped to the chair with her arms and legs apart and cleave gagged. She is then hooded with the tight pink hood pulled down over her eyes and her mouth is covered with several more layers of tape. More tape around her body binds her tightly to the chair and helplessness is achieved. In a red cotton rain coat and red boots she is very tightly taped to the post behind her with clear tape after her wrists have been bound behind her. Tape now covers her body down to her ankles and she is then gagged with a very large red bit gag forcing her mouth wide open. She now does something that she is very good at and delightful to see and that is drool from her gag until her mac is very wet and then a red spotted rain bonnet is added as she continues to drool some more. In a metallic green mac and glitter wellies Violet had her arms roped behind her and her ankles crossed and roped and was tape gagged so she had to be careful not to fall over. Once she was down on the floor she had her knees tied up into her chest and she was hooded. To add to her helplessness her ankles were then bound back behind her, so now she could could not move at all.
Ladies in tight rainwear bondage in the form of Emily and Elyssia and a very good job the tape does too. The beautiful blonde Emily is wearing a long silver mac with white patterned wellies and her arms have been taped along the high stool arms on which she is sitting. After her arms and body have been taped with more white tape she is gagged with a white knotted scarf and then hooded. Her hands are then balled up and sealed into tape and her gagged mouth is also covered in white tape, she is now helpless and very delightful. Elyssia is out in the garden in a blue wet mac and a clear wet mac with black rubber boots and gloves. Her arms have been taped in front of her and she is gagged with a black leather head harness gag over her two hoods. Her arms are then taped to her body down in front of her and her ankles taped together and she is attached to the tree by tape around her gagged mouth and the tree.

From Update

15th June

2 x HD Videos
Celeste, Elyssia, Ruby
What is Necessary
13 mins 20 secs - 600 mb
Malika & Victoria
Hog-Tied Ladies
10 mins 15 secs - 460 mb


140 images

There is Phil and Gerald who like to see these disposable macs being used with lots of cellotape and Gerald wants to see a demure Celeste receiving her bondage in quiet acceptance and this is just what she does. Celeste is taped into a chair in her green mac and green Hunter wellies and Helena is there to add a second clear mac over the top with lots more tape to secure her properly with the hood tightened down over her face leaving just her nose poking through. Soren always loves to see yellow rainwear and this time has asked for a short jacket and boots on bare legs. So here is Elyssia in a yellow jacket and wellies and tied up sitting on the sofa with her legs spread and bound across the coffee table. After being hooded and ball gagged she did try to release herself, but it was a very futile attempt. Laurent sent us the beautiful quality red mac and with red boots, red roses in Ruby's hair, red lips and a red ball gag it looks even better. Ruby had her arms roped behind her and first had to hobble across the garden to the tree to which she was then attached and one foot was tied up behind her. All of this making her do one thing which is always pleasing to see and that is drooling from her tight ball gag.
So many love to see the ladies hog-tied which is the reason we do it, of course. Malika is dressed all in bright yellow and after having her arms and elbows bound behind her, she was sat onto the bench, hooded and yellow ball gagged. Then laid onto her stomach her wrist were tied back to her ankles leaving her looking very beautiful but totally helpless as well. A gold trench coat and gold Hunter wellies and Victoria was also bit gagged before she was laid down and her crossed and bound ankles were tied back to her wrists with a rope then pulling her arms and legs up closer to the beam. Again, very beautiful and helpless, what more could you ask for?

From Update

8th June

3 x HD Videos
Violet & Elyssia
Heads Up
11mins 25 secs - 512 mb
Well Capped
7 mins 10 secs - 319 mb
Malika & Jade
Nylon Trauma
11 mins 25 secs - 514 mb


160 images

Helpless ladies with their head fully covered and bound to add that little bit of extra excitement and helplessness. Lily has been bound into a chair with her arms along its arms, she is wearing a heavy duty beige riding mac with white rubber boots, gloves and swim cap. After her scarf gag had been swapped to a swim cap being stuffed into her mouth and heavily taped over, more swim caps were taped over her hands and draped over her body. Another swim cap was then pulled up over her face making her breathing difficult as the cap expanded and contacted as she did so. A retro blue mac and wellies for Violet and she had her arms tied down her sides with rope holding up upright, she was also tightly taped gagged. After her spotted rain bonnet was changed to a dark blue heavier duty one a second one was tied onto her face backwards sealing her into a little plastic bonnet world. With Elyssia in a see thru red mac and trousers. She was tied to a chair in the garden with her arms behind her and her legs spread and tied to hooks in the earth. To go with the red rope a red ball gag was used to silence her and then the big hood was pulled down over her head and face which was then held in place by lots of red tape.
Two ladies in nylon bondage held in place by tape and effective gags. Malika has been taped into a long red nylon mac while sitting on a bench. Her hands have been taped into her lap and her ankles crossed and taped together. She is hooded and very tightly ring gagged forcing her mouth wide open. A rope around her neck holds her head up and prevents her reaching her gag. Jade is a lady who loves and enjoys her bondage and on this occasion she is out in the garden wearing a short Peter Storm nylon cagoule and red Dunlop wellies over her jeans. Her arms were bound behind her and her body and legs taped with clear tape. Then bound into the strappado position she was hooded and gagged with a huge red sponge ball gag. With her arms lowered and her gag swapped to a red leather gag her body, gag and legs were further taped leaving her as quiet as it is possible with her

From Update

1st June

2 x HD Videos
Losing her Virginity
15 mins 50 secs - 713 mb
Fay & Elyssia
Missing Nothing
8 mins 15 secs - 368 mb


138 images

This is Victoria, a good friend of Imogen who has finally made it here. Here she is losing her virginity as this is her first time in rainwear for this sort of occasion and her first time in bondage. In a long green mac and pink boots she was roped and taped into a chair with a tight knotted cleave gag in her mouth. A green Rukka clad Imogen relished having her friend tied up and gagged and loved to apply more tape to her body and after tightly hooding her she happily taped her head to the post with clear tape. Imogen then draped herself over Victoria and could not resist cuddling and kissing her helpless friend. In a sliver and black mac with black and white wellies Victoria was tied up on the floor with her legs crossed and her arms bound behind her. Imogen then applied lots of tape over her friends gagged mouth before teasing and cuddling her friend again. Victoria then found that she enjoyed having Imogen in bondage as much as she enjoyed being tied up herself. With them both in nylon jackets, bare legs and wellies Imogen was tied into the strappado position with Victoria loving the power she had over her helpless and ball gagged drooling friend. After hooding Imogen she continued to tease and push around Imogen enjoying herself more and more as time went by. Victoria is on her way back as she had such a good time which is very good news.
It has to be always good to miss nothing when these ladies are dressed up and tied up an gagged and one of the best ways of doing that is to have the ladies in clear macs so everything can be seen. Fay is wearing a glass clear knee length hooded mac over her summer dress and has been bound to the post with her arms above her head. Rope around her chest and ankles holds her to the post and she is rubber ball gagged and hooded. Her arms were then roped in front of her and more rope was added around her body to hold her more securely and that included a rope around her neck and the ball gag tied tied over the hood this time. Elyssia was bound while wearing a zip up knee length clear mac over her leopard print lingerie so it was leopard print wellies as well. First sat onto the trunk with her boots crossed and bound and then laid down her tightly taped mouth had clear tape wrapped over it was well.

From Update

25th May

2 x HD Videos
Always Glamorous
14 mins 50 secs - 666 mb
Lavinia & Ivory
Keeping Them Indoors
6 mins 50 secs - 306 mb


148 images

Elle is a very glamorous lady in and out of rainwear but keeping her mostly undressed under her rainwear has to be an obvious way to go. In yellow plastic rain trousers and jacket with red rubber boots and gloves over her spotted lingerie she was sat onto the floor and had her arms strapped into the board. Her ankles were tied far apart and she was soon red rubber ball gagged. After being hooded a red rubber scarf was stretched and tied over her mouth and around her head to keep her gag into place. In just a tiny pair of panties, white rubber boots and gloves and a glass clear ankle length trench coat she had her arms roped in front of her and with rope down the length of her body fastening her to the upturned bed frame as she showed off her topless body, she was gagged with a white cleave gag. After the addition of a white spotted rain bonnet another white scarf was wound around her mouth and tied off to the frame so she could not move her head. What could go better with Elle's red body suit than a red see thru mac, red wellies and a red rubber swim cap. Then bound with red rope and red leather gagged her mac was gradually undone to reveal her body and outfit.
A good way to make sure the ladies stay indoors is to make sure they are bound and gagged and even better is if they are dressed in rainwear as well. Lavinia is in a lovely retro beige long mac and pink spotted wellies. She had had her arms tied behind her and she is gagged with with a large scarf cleave gag which is holding her mouth wide open. Sat onto the sofa and her booted ankles were crossed and tied and her body was further roped. To keep her on the sofa her ankles were tied up to her waist and her gagged mouth was covered with a very tight scarf. A bright red above knee mac for Ivory with short bright red boots on her bare legs and her upper body is tightly roped with her arms behind her. Then hooded and gagged with the largest red ball gag we own she was able to hobble around enjoying herself but the ropes holding her to the door were there to make sure she was not going too far.

From Update

18th May

2 x HD Videos
Keeping it Tight
12 mins 40 secs - 568 mb
Jade & Violet
Very Suitable
10 mins 45 secs - 483 bmb


154 images

Lily loves to be fully dressed and covered as well as being tightly tied up and we are more than happy to accommodate her in every way. In a long blue hooded mac and blue wellies she had her arms roped behind her and was rubber ball gagged. She was then laid down onto the tanks and hogtied as tight as possible. A rope was then added from her gag to her hogtie so she had to keep her head up and back and continue drooling. In a green heavy riding coat and green swimming cap she was tied to the frame behind her and her mouth was tape gagged shut. With the coat fully done up around her and the collar turned up and with rope down her body, she was a beautiful sight to behold. Out in the garden with Helena she was wearing four macs with the top black spotted clear one fitted on her backwards. She was tied with red rope and her mouth was red taped over the lower two hoods. With more rope around her body Helena helps her down onto the grass and brings up the third hood. Then came the fourth which was on the mac she was wearing backwards to this was pulled up over her face and tied into position. Now with Lily rolling around on the floor and Helena with her boot on her bound body, Helena looks very pleased with herself.
Ladies in rain suits and bondage has to be a very suitable way to go. Jade has been spread out and bound up against the wall in a pink rain suit over her lingerie along with long rubber gloves and heavy duty waders, she also has a crotch rope attached to her belt. Before long she is hooded and very tightly ball gagged before her knees are tied together and a rope collar is attached to the wall behind her. Her suit is then unzipped down to her waist to show off her beautiful bra and body. The now blonde Violet is wearing a two piece green plastic rain suit and has been tied up on the floor with her arms behind her and her ankles crossed with her knees apart. She is then hooded and cleave gagged and after the hood has been tightened down over her eyes the hood drawstrings were to to the rope on her ankles forcing her stay bent forward and as she tried to straighten up the hood tightened. Her struggling now meant she fell over and ended up on her side on the floor with no hope of getting herself up again.

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