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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update


13th February

3 x HD Videos
Violet & Mallory
Layered Ladies
13 mins 50 secs - 624 mb
Messy in Nylon
8 mins 30 secs - 379 mb
Elle & Fay
Retro Love
12 mins 30 secs - 562 mb
172 Images
Two ladies layered up and looking very good inside their macs and then one lady covered in nylon and left to get very messy. Violet is very heavily dressed in red bib pants and a red rain jacket with waders and then three macs over the top, her arms have been roped behind her and she is hooded and ball gagged with a breathing pipe. Helena is there to do all the macs up around her and then cover her in clear tape to further secure this lovely lady. She is triple hooded and clear tape is wrapped around her head and then she is laid onto the ground with Helena fussing over her, as she loves to do. Mallory is covered in red, with a red rain suit and a clear one over that and then with a short red plastic see trench coat over that. She is hooded and ball gagged and then soaked with a water hose by Helena. Then tape is used to add more to her bondage and her gag is taped over for good measure. Then bought down onto the floor Helena continues to wet this well dressed lady. Ruby is wearing nylon trousers and three nylon jackets and she has been bound with nylon strips including a nylon cleave gag. After securing all three hoods onto her head she was laid onto the floor and then Helena poured coloured gunge all over her and then left her to roll around to cover her completely and then sat her up so she could admire her handiwork.
Retro macs on two beautiful ladies along with their bondage and gags, of course. Elle is wearing a metallic blue mac and her arms have been bound with her hands in the mac pockets and the ropes around her chest tied off to an overhead hook. Then ball gagged and with more added to tie her legs together a rain bonnet was tied onto her head and another scarf wound around her gagged mouth to seal the ball in position. Then laid onto the floor she was left to roll around and looking very lovely as she did so. Fay is in a retro black spotted white mac with white Hunter boots and white gloves. Her hands have been tied into her lap and she is tied onto a chair with tight rope covering her body and white booted legs. Wearing a white rain bonnet with a cleave gag holding in place, she struggles helplessly before her gag is taped over with very tight white tape and a rope is secured around her neck and tied off overhead. After a while her chair was tipped back onto the floor leaving Fay laying on the floor but still tied to the chair.

From Update


6th February

2 x HD Videos
Fay, Ruby, Helena
Jackets & Rope
15 mins 10 secs - 686 mb
Shannon & Helena
Winter Warmers
11 mins 30 secs - 518 mb
154 Images
Short rain jackets, rubber boots and rope, what an excellent combination when it is beautiful ladies dressed and tied this way. Fat is dressed in a very shiny light blue hooded rain jacket with short blue rubber boots and her wrists are tied behind her and her ankles are bound together and in her mouth is a rubber gag. Her wrists are then tied high up behind her forcing her to bend forward and she is then hooded. With her arms lowered her body is tightly roped and her hood is tightened down over her eyes by Helena. For Ruby is was a bright red retro jacket with knee high stiletto heeled black shiny boots and her arms are bound behind her, she is very tightly gagged and a rope tied to her hair is tied off overhead. Now as she struggles she does something she is so good at and that is drool from her gag. Then sat onto the floor her hair is tied down to one ankle leaving her bunched up and helpless. Then laid onto the floor she is bound into a hogtied by her hair so her high heeled boots are very visible. Helena is wearing very exotic purple lingerie with fishnet tights, purple boots and a very shot bright purple rain jacket with a bright pink lining. She has been tied with pink rope and the jacket open to show off her lingerie and she is pink ball gagged. Then with the jacket zipped up and her gag is now over the top of the tight fitting hood. Then to finish with her hands are tied in front of her and down close to her knees so she has to bend over as she rotates and struggles in her pink ropes.
It is cold outside so wearing a rain mac over a winter coat makes perfect sense and does look so very pleasing when the ladies are heavily wrapped up. Shannon has been roped into a long red winter coat with her arms behind her and she is cleave gagged. Sat onto a chair the coat was buttoned up and her ankles were bound together. Then along comes Helena and wraps a see thru red plastic mac around this helpless lady which is then buttoned and held in place by the macs belt. She is then taken outside for a little walk on a rope lead with her plastic hood tied down over her head and eyes keeping her as helpless as possible. For Helena it was a glass clear long trench coat over a camel coat and with silver Hunter boots. With her body roped over the camel coat she is rubber gagged and wearing a glass clear rain hat. With her arms tied behind the tree the coat was done up around her and then more rope was added on to. Her gag was covered with a long scarf and she was left to do nothing but look delightful.

From Update


30th January

2 x HD Videos
Brief Encounters
15 mins 10 secs - 686 mb
Jade & Silver
Missing Nothing
9 mins 40 secs - 437 mb
188 Images
Several brief bondage encounters put together do make for a very delightful gallery as you can see. First Helena is tied up wearing a clear black spotted mac and high heels, her arms have been roped behind her and she is red ball gagged. Sat onto the edge of the bed with her ankles bound and a clear rain bonnet on her head she lays herself down and struggle with her feet in the air. In a yellow Rukka mac and yellow rubber boots and gloves outdoors in the early evening she has had her arms tied down to her sides with red rope and is hooded and red ball gagged again. The yellow garden hose id wrapped around her for good measure. In a very short bright purple hooded jacket, fishnet tights and purple boots, she has been bound and chained with pink rope and her ankles tied apart to a leg spreader. After more rope had been added she was gagged with a pink cleave gag and then she is hooded and another pink scarf is wrapped around her already gagged mouth. Dressed in full heavy black rubber she was chained to the wall with her arms and legs spread and rubber gagged. More chains, a different rubber gag and a sou'wester were soon added for a very good effect. In a blue hooded mac she was tied up and taken outdoors after being hooded and purple but gagged as well. Sat onto a bench her legs were tightly roped and the top of her mac was undone to reveal the very appropriate and suitable design on her tee shirt.
You will miss nothing when the ladies are dressed and tied in clear macs to be able to see what they are wearing under their macs is always a good thing. Jade has on an ankle length clear trench coat over her red striped dress and she has had her arms bound behind with red rope and in her mouth is a huge red sponge ball gag. Helena is there to push the gag deeper into her mouth and then she covers the helpless lady with a clear full head hood and turns up the mac collar. After Jade has been sat onto the bench her ankles are bound with red rope and Helena cuddles up to her. The beautiful Silver has on a clear rain jacket and trousers over her black outfit and along with black rubber waders and gloves, she has been bound sitting on a table with her arms up in the air and her wader covered legs spread. She is the gagged with a wide black rubber gag strapped tight into her mouth. Her arms are then tied down to her sides and she is hooded and black rubber ball gagged. Finally with her arms roped together in front of her and tied to the desk a rope collar makes sure she has to stay upright.

From Update


23rd January

2 x HD Videos
Must be Tight
15 mins 45 secs - 710 mb
Betsy & Elle
Going Green
11 mins 0 secs - 494 mb
152 Images
Kiti's bondage must always be tight and she must be very effectively gagged as she loves to struggle and make as much noise as possible so the tighter the better and the more helpless the better. In a long pink ma was was roped sitting on a round low table with her arms very tightly roped behind her. Her pink booted ankles were heavily roped together and she was pink ball gagged which made her drool almost immediately. Then tightly hooded and with a roped from her neck to her knees a pink scarf was tied over her gag which became delightfully soaked in her drool in a very short space of time. In a light blue plastic rain suit her arms were tied behind her with black and white rope, her knees were roped together and she was hooded and gagged with a very wide blue bit gag. Bought down onto the floor her ankles were crossed and tied so she could show off her bare feet and her gag was changed to a large blue sponge gag filling her mouth and strapped very tightly in place. Then rolled over her was put into a tight hogtie to ensure she would never escape and Helena was there to make sure she remained helpless and to enjoy herself. Out in the garden in a nylon jacket and trousers with a green nylon coat over the top she had her arms taped in front of her and was scarf gagged over the inner hood. With the second hood in place and this was heavily taped over and with her knees taped together she had to hobble over to the tree to which she ended up taped to. More tape secured her head to the tree going over her gag and eyes and again her struggling got her nowhere.
We have to 'Go Green' nowadays whenever we can so here is a little contribution from us. Betsy is in a green Rukka mac and green Hunter wellies and she has been bound sitting on a table with her hands tied in her lap and she has been gagged with a large rubber ball gag. With her gag taped over and her hood in place she had a rope tied around her neck so she had to keep her head up. More tape secured her gagged mouth covering all of her lower face. For Elle it was a long green mac with green waders and she was taped onto a high stool with her legs taped apart to show off her waders. Ball gagged, which was first taped over with clear tape this now hooded lady was very secure in her bondage. Her knees were then taped together and more gaffer tape was used to further secure her gag in place and to blindfold her over the mac hood.

From Update


16th January

2 x HD Videos
Escape Proof
12 mins 35 secs - 568 mb
Ruby & Violet
All White
9 mins 20 secs - 420 mb
130 Images
The ladies always need to be made escape proof as they do look so much better that way and Imogen does look particularly stunning as always when like this. Taped and roped onto a revolving chair in her clear mac over her topless body and heavy black rubber waders, she is gagged with a knotted scarf. She is then hooded and her gag is taped over with more gaffer tape and the top of her mac is opened so better view can be seen of her lovely naked breasts as she struggles and moans in her bondage. Sat onto the floor in a yellow Rukka mac and yellow rubber boots and gloves, her wrists are tied down to her crossed legs and a bar is tied to her wrists and up to her neck so she will never be able to move her arms. This hooded lady is then yellow ball gagged and more rope around her upper body increases her helplessness and it does make it impossible for her to escape. Out in the garden is Imogen in a light blue rain suit with red boots and gloves and she has had her arms bound behind her with clear tape, her body bound with the same tape and in her mouth is a red ball gag. Then with her body and legs further taped she is hooded with her gag now tied over the hood and a macked Helena is there to seal her gag in place with lots more tape. She then folds the hood down over Imogen's eyes and tapes over that as well. Imogen is the laid onto the floor where Helena enjoys tormenting her very helpless beautiful captive.
It is good to see that everything is all 'white' with these ladies as they both look so delightful in their white rainwear and bondage. Ruby is in a long white hooded mac and pale pink Hunter boots and she has had her arms very tightly taped behind her with her elbows bound tightly together. She is hooded and then white bit gagged and then sat onto a stool where her legs are very tightly taped together. Her gag is then taped over with many layers to secure her mouth and finally more tape is wound around her back and her knees so she has to stay bent forward. Violet has been bound sitting on a bench while wearing a white plastic trench coat with white boots and gloves and her arms have been bound in front of her. Her tied wrists have been linked to her tied ankle and she is gagged with a very wide scarf gag forcing her mouth open. Rope is around her neck so she has to hold her head up and her gag then has the scarf wrapped over her mouth covering her face from her nose to her neck.

From Update


9th January

2 x HD Videos
Betsy & Helena
Masked Beauties
11 mins 55 secs - 537 mb
Violet & Shannon
Cotton Capers
7 mins 35 secs - 341 mb
134 Images
Beautiful ladies in rainwear bondage and gas masks are always an absolute delight, the mask adding that extra touch of fetishism, helplessness and beauty. Here first is Betsy tied up and tape gagged in a green Rukka mac while sitting a a table surrounded by many of the gas masks. She is hooded and gas masked by Helena who then piles more gas masks onto her lay for Betsy to hold. Then a rubber dressed Helena who is wearing a purple swim cap and ball gag and has been bound with purple rope is again in front of the gas mask collection. When her arms have been bound down to her sides she is masked with a full head Russian style mask and delightful she looks too. Then in very shiny heavy rubber, she is first wearing a full rubber black hood with a black rubber gag, then a red rubber gag and blindfold and then a delightful head head shiny black rubber mask with very small eye holes. Then comes Drew in all green with green waders and her ball gagged head is covered with a green gas mask and the hood from a second mac draped over her shoulders. Then bed bound and spread Mallory in a rain suit is gagged and masked before being hooded as well to seal the mask in place, which is always a good idea.
Bondage capers in cotton macs and boots with a few extras to make sure the bondage is as restrictive as possible. Violet is wearing a long red cotton mac which is fully done up around her, her hand have been strapped behind her with black leather straps and her legs are strapped together. In her mouth is a hard large red ball gag which is held in place with straps around her head and and this of course causes her to drool and she is also wearing a black leather collar. Then over her eyes goes a very wide black leather blindfold to complete her helpless situation. For Shannon it is a bright yellow mac and yellow boots and she has had her arms taped and roped behind her and she is gagged with a big knotted cotton scarf and is left to swing around in her ropes and taped ankles. Then after a yellow hood has been pulled down over her head she is gagged again, this time with a yellow ball gag and she is lowered onto the floor where she rolls and writhes in her delightful bondage.

From Update


2nd January

2 x HD Videos
Luisa, Ruby, Violet
Very Popular
13 mins 35 secs - 612 mb
Imogen & Elyssia
Nylon Wraps
14 mins 0 secs - 633 mb
162 Images
Clear macs for John Bull and glasses for Sam and here is the very delightful Luisa fitting the bill beautifully. In black fishnet, tartan skirt, black Hunter wellies and a clear mac looking beautiful with her pigtails and glasses first having her arms bound up behind her and then ending up hog tied on the floor, always in the loving hands of Helena. Macs over winter coats really is just perfect for the cold weather and this is particularly liked by Gordon who sent us this camel coat and Rob who thinks the heavier the coat the better. Here Ruby has been bound to the garden bench in the camel coat with a clear black spotted one over the top. Rubber gagged and hooded for good measure and being dressed like this needs to be done more often. With waders always in demand here is Violet taped up in bib pants and waders, hooded and ball gagged and then laid out on the bed. With one foot tied out to the bed post and the other tied up in the air it is a good way to show off her outfit and bondage at the same time.
Girls tied, wrapped up and gagged in nylon rainwear can only be a good thing to see and these two ladies look absolutely lovely in their bondage. Imogen is in nylon trousers and jacket and her jacket is over a pink K-Way one and she has had her arms bound behind her, her knees roped together and is gagged with a pink scarf over the pink hood. With her top jacket done up around her and now double hooded she is laid onto the floor and ends up in a very stringent and delightful hogtie. Elyssia is wearing the same pink jacket under a green Peter Storm jacket and her hands have been balled up and taped inside the jacket sleeves. She is then ball gagged and hooded and the green jacket is fully zipped up by Helena and she is re gagged over the pink hood with a rubber gag. Sat onto the table her legs are taped and bound together and a blue nylon jacket modified into a strait jacket is fitted on her backwards so the hood can be pulled up over her face, which is always a good way to end this type of bondage.

From Update


26th December

2 x HD Videos
Lovely Lady
16 mins 35 secs - 749 mb
Imogen & Malika
Suited to This
10 mins 50 secs - 490 mb
196 Images
We do not need to tell you that Elyssia is a lovely lady as you will have seen a lot of her as she has been coming here for a long while now and she says she would like as much of this as she can get in the future as well. First wearing a beige Rukka mac and pink boots she has been tied sitting on a table with her booted legs crossed and tightly roped and both arms have been forced into a white boot and then roped in place. She has been gagged with a red ball gag strapped into her mouth as tight as possible. With the gag now strapped over her hood the hood drawstrings are tied down to her ropes so the more she struggles the tighter the hood becomes. In a gorgeous gold trench coat and black boots she has her arms very tightly bound behind her and the roped off to an over head hood. With the coat fully buttoned she is gagged with a white knotted scarf and this is the covered with layers from a long pink one. Lowered onto the floor first with one leg tied back to her wrists and ends up in a full tight hogtie, making her look even lovelier. Looking very cute in a blue rain jacket under blue bib pants she has her arms tied out along the wooden beam, her ankles crossed and bound and wide crotch rope. Tape gagged, hooded and tape gagged again by a navy macked Helena this lovely has one foot tied up to the beam forcing her to hobble on one foot as she struggles. Her leg is then tied even higher just because we could.
Rain suits to go along with their bondage is always a very good thing and here is Imogen and Malika proving it. Imogen has been tied out to a cross wearing a red rain suit with red rubber boots and gloves. With her arms stretched above her head and her legs tied apart she had her lovely blonde hair tucked into the red hood and is red ball gagged. A very tight waist rope helps to keep her helpless. Then with her arms lowered and bound in front of her her gag is covered with a very long red rubber scarf wrapped around her mouth. Malika is wearing a black see thru shiny suit with black rubber boots and she has been chained up sitting in a chair with her arms cuffed behind her. Her legs are chained out to wide to the wall and with tight chains holding her to the chair and the post behind her. With the hood in place a double ring gag is strapped into her mouth forcing her to keep her mouth wide open. Her gag is then changed to a chain gag with another chain under her chin holding her head and completing her very helpless situation.
At the end of any session there are always delightful things to see. Removing each others rope but leaving the gags until last. Playing with the gags in and out of their mouths just because they want to. Removing their own ropes slowly and then posing with them but always enjoying each others company.

From Update


19th December

3 x HD Videos
Loving Layers 1
9 mins 05 secs - 409 mb
Ruby & Shannon
Loving Layers 2
14 mins 35 secs - 659 mb
Helena & Betsy
Well Dressed
11 mins 15 secs - 507 mb
166 Images
Fay is wearing an all blue plastic trousers and jacket combo over a similar blue nylon combo and then with a blue hooded mac over the top. She has been bound between two posts in the garden and is soon blue ball gagged and her arms are roped to her sides. The mac is then buttoned up around her and this hood is tied down onto her head over the other two. Then with her arms bound behind her another blue mac is put on her with this hood tightened onto her as well. Then left to struggle she ends up sitting on the grass entirely helpless as her feet are still tied out to the posts. A very happy Ruby is wearing a clear rain suit with a pink hooded mac over the top. Her hands have been taped up inside the pink mac sleeves and she is tightly ball gagged. The pink mac is then buttoned up on this beauty by a macked Helena who then fits on her with a clear mac backwards and then a see thru red one the correct way. She is then heavily and tightly taped sitting on a desk surrounded by many more macs and she is triple hooded with the clear one tied up over her face. More tape is applied as wide collar and blindfold leaving her looking very appealing in her helplessness. It is four layers for Shannon, a pink nylon jacket with a long navy hooded mac, then a see thru yellow one and then a see thru purple one fitted on her backwards. Her arms have been roped to her sides, she is cleave gagged and the purple mac has been pulled up over her hands. With the navy and yellow hoods in place her gagged mouth is taped over and more tape is used to secure the macs around her. The top purple hood is then pulled up over her face and tied in place. She is then lowered to the floor and left to struggle and roll around in her layered world.
Two very smart well dressed ladies and very helpless at the same time. Helena is in a shiny knee length leopard print mac and high heeled leopard print boots and she has been bound with her arms tied in front of her and her knees are tied together. Then sat onto a chair with her ankles tied out to the chair legs and rope holding her to the chair she is gagged with a white cleave gag. Her gag is the covered with a white scarf covering all of her her lower face, the mac is pulled up around her and the collar is turned up. Betsy has been tied to a tree with her arms and legs tied around the tree and she is gagged with a large red ball gag. Wearing red and white wellies and an open see thru red plastic mac over her pvc and lingerie outfit she looks quite lovely. The mac is then buttoned and belted around her and her body is roped to the tree with her gag now strapped over a matching rain hat. The hat is pulled down over her eyes and rope is wound her head and eyes making a lovely looking blindfold for her.

From Update


12th December

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Ruby, Silver
Rubber Duty
14 mins 50 secs - 668 mb
Violet & Malika
Facing Up
11 mins 40 secs - 524 mb
146 Images
Ladies on rubber bondage duty and very lovely they look too. The beautiful Violet is dressed in a retro very heavy cotton backed retro black rubber coat and black rubber, boots, gloves and sou'wester. She has her arms tied back behind the tree and her ankles are roped together. A rubber ball gag is then strapped into her mouth and she is left to struggle until a rope around her neck to hold her head up prevents a lot of her struggling. A much larger black rubber gag was then strapped in place over her sou'wester to prevent is coming off while one foot is roped to the tree behind her forcing her to stay on one leg. Her struggling and moaning now makes her drool rather nicely. Ruby is also dressed fully in black rubber and she has been very tightly taped onto a chair out in the garden with her arms taped to her sides. Her ball gag also produces lots of drooling which she is unable and never wants to stop. Her sou'wester is removed to show she is wearing a black rubber hood and over this goes a black rubber blindfold and with her big collar turned up she does look very appealing as she continues to drool over herself. A long hooded black rubber coat for Silver and she is out in the rain with a very wide black rubber collar as part of her black rubber outfit. Her arms have been very tightly roped behind her and is then rubber ball gagged. A rope from her collar is tied to the top of a post so she cannot wander off.
These two ladies have to face up to the fact that they are bound gagged and are going to have their faces covered. Violet has been roped into a chair in a nylon jacket with white swim caps over her hands and her white boots legs are tied out to the chair legs. On her head is a white rubber swim cap and in her mouth is a white rubber gag made from another cap. Her chest is then roped to the chair and her knees bound together and other caps are looped onto her chest ropes. Helena then appears to pull up another cap over Violet's face which then is sucked into her face and blown out as she breathes. Malika is wearing a black and a blue hooded mac with a clear spotted one backwards on to. She has been taped into bondage sitting on a desk and is then cleave gagged. Her gag is the taped over and the second hood is tied onto her head. When this had been tightened the clear spotted hood was pulled up over her face and tied off at the back of her neck, leaving this beauty very helpless but looking quite wonderful because of her helplessness.

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