Welcome to the exotic world of

'The Weather Girls'

Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

A minimum of 20 x High Definition Videos 1920 x1080 will be shown at any one time.
Some videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update 11th April
2 x HD Videos
182 Images
Kitty, Mallory, Blossom, Scarlett
Wonderful Waders
19 mins 10 secs
Elyssia & Shannon
Twice as Nice
12 mins 0 secs
Waders with rainwear are a very popular addition to any outfit and it is obvious to see when you see these beauties wearing them and in bondage. Kitty is wearing a long heavy duty beige riding mac over chest high black rubber waders. Spread out against the wall, roped and ball gagged she looks amazing and when the mac is opened to reveal her waders her appeal goes up through the roof. For Mallory it is a yellow rain jacket and yellow tipped waders and she has been tied sitting on a high stool with one leg tied up in the air to the big beam. Then rubber gagged and hooded her gag is taped over by Helena for good measure. For a pig tailed Blossom it was green waders with a green Rukka mac. She was ball gagged and hooded before a green gas mask was strapped onto her head to match her outfit. Scarlett is in a clear yellow rain jacket with waders and big heavy rubber gloves and she has been tied with her arms in front of her and her legs apart Hooded, ball gagged and roped to the wall did mean she was not going anywhere.
Having the ladies double macked means the scene is twice as nice as long as they are tightly bound and gagged as well. Here Elyssia is dressed in a red rain suit with a see thru red trench mac over the top and she has been tied between two posts while siting on a chair. Her red booted legs are spread and her red rubber gloved hands have received the same treatment. Tightly roped to the chair as well she is heavily gagged and a rain hat is tied onto her head over her red suit hood. Shannon is double hooded mac with a wet cleat one over her black one and she has her arms roped tightly behind her. Double hooded and ball gagged with her booted feet roped together she was sat down onto the bench before she was tied laying down on the bench from which there was no escape.

From Update 4th April
2 x HD Videos
176 Images
Incredible Ivory
16 mins 15 secs
Lynz & Shannon
Tight & Helpless
18 mins 25 secs
Ivory is incredible, beautiful and willing, she has everything you could wish for in a lady who wants to be tied up and gagged. Tied out to the end of the bed in a clear mac over her very skimpy outfit with white rubber boots she is also white ball gagged and has her knees bound together and her ankles apart. A clear rain hat is then pulled down onto her head to match her mac. In a purple see thru mac and purple boots she has been bound with bandages and gagged with a huge purple ball gag. Her knees were then tied together and her gag was changed to a thick bandage gag tied off to the post behind her to ensure the gag is tight in her mouth. Roped into a long green hooded mac she was laid onto the table and hogtied with rope and tape after being ball gagged and hooded. She was the gaffer taped and tape gagged for a little extra. Topless and wrapped in clingfilm with a knotted scarf between her teeth a see thru purple cape was first draped over her and then done up and roped around her and a very large purple ball gag was strapped into her mouth.
Very tight bondage of well dressed ladies has to be the way to go. Here, Lynz is dressed in a bright red hooded mac and red Hunter boots and she has had her arms roped behind her with thin rope and she is sat on a table with her legs crossed and tied. She is hooded and red ball gagged and the big red hood is pulled down over her face and clear taped over her eyes and over her gagged mouth. Shannon is coated in a long heavy camel coat with a clear hooded mac over the top. She has been very tightly bound and the mac is then done up around her and she is hooded and ball gagged. Then roped to the post until she is entirely helpless her head and chin are then wrapped in clear tape but leaving her drooling ball gagged mouth to continue drooling as much as possible.

From Update 28th March
2 x HD Videos
194 Images
Luci (NEW)
Wonderful & Beautiful
19 mins 45 secs
Madison, Bexy, Mallory
Covering Up
14 mins 0 secs
A the title says this lady is wonderful and beautiful. Her name is Luci and she is delighted to be here just as we are to have her. Is not her first time in bondage but it is in rainwear bondage and being a pvc lover it is proving to be a lovely relationship. In a bright red hooded mac and red boots over her fishnet stockings she was tightly roped with her arms behind her and then rubber ball gagged. Then hooded and with the ropes tied off overhead one foot was tied up in the air showing off her stocking covered legs. In a white mac and black boots she was fitted with a black leather single arm glove and a bit gag head harness before being led into the garden by Helena. Once there her arms were tie up to the top of the post forcing her into the strappado position before Helen pulled up her mac to reveal her bottom. In a shiny black hooded mac with pink boots and gloves she was bound with pink rope, hooded and pink ball gagged. Then laid onto the grass her booted feet were tied back behind her as Helena toyed with her latest captive beauty.
Sometimes it is desirable to have the ladies fully covered in layers of rainwear before they are tied up and gagged. The more macs means the more helpless they are, which is just what we want. Mallory is double macked with long rubber gloves and her arms have been roped to her sides and she is tape gagged. Two more macs are the fitted around her bound body by Helena and after sitting her down her head is fully wrapped with red bondage tape ensuring she is totally helpless. Outdoors, Bexy is triple macked by a double macked Helena and she is soon ball gagged and tied very tight to the tree behind her. Rubber bandages were the used over her gag and eyes and around the tree to keep this lady as still as possible. A triple macked Madison was tied up sitting on a table with her arms sealed up inside the mac sleeves and her legs spread. After being triple hooded and rubber gagged a clear mac was fitted over her backwards so the hood could be pulled up over her face to cover her completely.

From Update 21st March
2 x HD Videos
204 Images
Sara (NEW)
Loving This
14 mins 50 secs
Stacy, Celeste, Blossom
On Tape
14 mins 55 secs
Sara has already appeared briefly and here she is again. This lady loves her macs and her bondage so much, she is very happy to be bound so much that it makes her smile and laugh In a short red mac and red boots she was tied to a chair very tightly and then red ball gagged. A larger red sponge gag was then strapped into her mouth by Helena who the places a red rain hat onto this lovely ladies head and plays with her as she does so. In a lovely black and red outfit with a clear mac over the top she was spread out and tied to the wall with her black booted legs apart. Then ball gagged and hooded her knees were tied together, she was very proud of the amount of drool she could produce. In a yellow Rukka mac with yellow rubber boots and gloves, her arms were tied behind her with purple rope and she was purple ball gagged over the mac hood. One leg was then tied up behind her so she had to hobble on one foot as she struggled with her ropes. Finally her gagged mouth was taped over with clear tape and around the post behind her Head. Sara loved all this and wants more so be will be obliging her a lot more in the near future
Here are three ladies taped up in bondage and it starts with Stacy who is wearing a green striped mac and green Huinter boots and she has had her arms taped behind her with black tape. She is rubber gagged by Helena and then hooded and is tie off to the wall by her hood strings. She is the taped again with her arms at her sides and her boots taped together. Celeste is wearing a very long and heavy heavy coat and boots and she has been taped up sitting on a chair. She is head harness rubber aged and Helena ties a sou'wester onto this ladies head. She is then wrapped up further with clear tape. Blossom is in a clear black spotted mac over her pink outfit and her arms have been tightly taped behind her and after rolling about on the grass a pink rubber swim cap is strapped onto her head and she is tape gagged. More tape is used to secure her to the tree stump to make sure she is entirely helpless.

From Update 14th March
2 x HD Videos
178 Images
Celeste, Cherry, Elle
Ravishing in Rubber
17 mins 25 secs
Violet & Imogen
Entrenched in Bondage
14 mins 20 secs
Ladies in full heavy duty rubber rainwear and then helpless in their bondage is always a wonderful sight to see. Celeste is dressed in a long rubber coat with chest waders underneath and she has been bound in the garden with her arms behind her. She is rubber ball gagged and after more rope is applied to her body a black rubber swim cap is strapped onto her head. She is then laid onto the floor in her wet mac with one foot tied back behind her. Cherry has been tied onto a high stool in a heavy rubber coat and waders. She is tightly bound and rubber gagged and then with Helena tying a black rubber sou'wester onto her head. A rubber coated Elle is bound in the garden with black rubber boots and gloves and of course a rubber gag. Tied off to a tree her ball gag was changed to a rubber one with a face plate which was tied off above her. Saria is tied with her wader covered legs spread wide apart and tightly bound to the post behind her in her rubber coat. She also is rubber gagged and with a sou'wester before her gag is switched to a rubber head harness gag.
Two trench coated ladies looking very appealing in their smart coats, boots and bondage. Violet is in a silver mac with shiny black boots and gloves and has her arms tied out to a pole behind her neck. Her booted ankles are also spread and tied out to another pole. She is then ball gagged and a shiny black rain hat is put onto her head before a gas mask is also added to this beauty. For Imogen it is a gold pvc trench coat with gold Hunter boots and she has been tightly roped with red rope. Then red ball gagged as well she is laid onto the floor and ends up in a tight hogtie with no chance of escape.

From Update 7th March
2 x HD Videos
180 Images
A Beautiful Lady
15 mins 10 secs
Lilith & Violet
Short & Sweet
16 mins 25 Secs
Ivory is a beautiful lady as you can see and she is a delight to be with and to see her in her macs and bondage. With Ivory and Helena in retro macs and high heels Ivory was tied up and anchored to the wall and then ball gagged with one of the largest ball gags we have. With the addition of lots more rope a matching rain bonnet was tied onto Ivory's head to complete her outfit and bondage. In a red mac with a clear mac over the top she was bound, hooded and ball gagged in front of the gas mask collection and was then sat down and tied onto a stool. Topless in a red see thru mac she had her arms strapped behind her and again was son hooded and tightly ball gagged. Then sat down a strap from her knees to her chest made sure she was not going to get up again. Wearing just a leather strap body harness, waders and a clear black spotted hooded mac she was tied up against the wall with her arms behind her and her legs spread. The she was hooded and her ball gag was taped over by Helena and her mac was opened and pulled up to reveal her waders and her leather strap harness.
Very short rain jackets with tights and boots is a very sweet images to see and both the ladies here look wonderful.. Lilith is wearing a red hooded rain jacket with red Hunter boots and she has been bound with her arms in front of her with purple rope. With her arms tied down to her tied together knees she was hooded and purple leather gagged. Then sat onto the floor she had to lie down while her bound ankles were tied back behind her. For Violet it was a bright pink shiny jacket with pink boots and she was bound with white bandages and first tube gagged. After being forced onto the floor she was white bit gagged, hooded and after her knees had been tied up close to her chest her gag was held into place with another bandage.

From Update 29th February
2 x HD Videos
210 Images
Justine, Blossom, Raven
Mixing up 32
15 mins 40 secs
Sara, Elyssia, Helena
Loving Black
13 mins 35 secs
A little more variety with four rainwear clad beauties. Justine is in a green Rukka mac and has been tied up by a purple macked Helena, hooded and leather head harness gagged. She is then knelt onto the floor and then tied into a hog tied on the straw so Helena has a little play thing. Blossom has been tied to the wall in a flowered retro knee length mac and high heels. Her arms are spread and her legs are crossed and tied. Then with her arms roped in front of her and a ball gagged she is forced forward by the rope from her ball gag to her arms. Raven is tied to the big wooden chair in a clear blue mac and high heeled shoes. She is tightly scarf gagged and hooded by Helena and bent forward by her ropes. Then comes a pink jacketed Fiona who is hooded and pink gagged and looking quite delightful such a short jacket and boots.
The beautiful lady you first see here is Sara, this is her first time and she is an absolute star who has all the attributes that we love. She loves bondage, pvc and the colour black so it had to be a shiny black trench mac and her own high heeled boots and being bound with red rope very tightly. A red ball gag and lots of attention from Helena who forces a matching black rain hat onto her head and ends up pulling it down over her eyes. Elyssia is dressed in full heavy rubber including waders and a black rubber swim cap. Tied to a chair she was also rubber gagged and the chair was tipped over so she ends up on the floor. Helena was tied up in the garden in a shiny black Rukka mac with white gloves and white laced boots. She was bound with white rope and white taped gagged and she ends up on the grass with white rubber swim caps draped over her.

From Update 22nd February
2 x HD Videos
240 Images
Lilith, Elle, Madison, Kat
For You
20 mins 35 secs
Saria & Helena
Beautiful Nylon
18 mins 15 secs
Ever since we put up a scene with the silver body suit that you see here Julian has been asking to see it again with this particular clear spotted mac over the top. The perfect lady with a perfect body has to be Lilith for a job like this. Suited, macked and tied she is tightly hooded and ball gagged as well and when tied up against the wall with her legs spread we had to open the mac to show off the suit. It is heavy rubber that Robert T loves the best especially when the ladies are outdoors so here is Elle is in chest waders and a heavy rubber coat with long rubber gloves and she has been tied between two posts in the garden. Rubber gagged and with a sou'wester, she is then gas masked as well, which is also very welcome. Madison is bound with red rope in a shorter rubber jacket with her arms in front of her and she is rubber gagged over her sou'wester to make sure it stays on her head. This will hopefully please all other rubber fans as well. 'thottamer' Loves Kat and has been asking to see more of her in bondage. This is a delightful thing to do as she is beautiful with a body to match and looks wonderful in her bondage. She is wearing a white hooded mac with white boots and gloves and has been chained to the wall with her arms and legs spread. She is hooded and first metal ball gagged, then metal bit gagged and then metal ring gagged after her mac has been fully done up around her.
Always lovely to see the ladies wrapped up in beautiful nylon rainwear and here is Saria and Helena doing just that. For Saria it is first a green Peter Storm nylon jacket with green Hunter boots and she has been tied by a nylon dressed Helena. Saria is then hooded and leather harness gagged over the hood before being anchored to the wall with rope around her neck. Then in blue nylon and waders she is bound spread out sitting on a table, hooded and ball gagged. Helena then tapes over her gag and leaves her looking quite delightful. Helena is tied wearing a short navy Peter Storm jacket with fishnet stockings and navy boots and is hooded and rubber ball gagged. She then appears bound again sitting on the floor, hooded and ball gagged again. Then in the bedroom wearing two jackets and purple Hunter boots she ends up scarf gagged and double hooded sitting on the end of the bed.

From Update 15th February
2 x HD Videos
174 Images
Lynz, Violet, Luisa
Well Covered
27 min s 25 secs
Anita & Celeste
Bound in Yellow
11 mins 30 secs
When the ladies are very well covered it only adds to their attraction and their helplessness. Lynz is wearing a blue plastic rain suit with a black mac and then a red one on top. She has been post bound, hooded and rubber gagged and the her macs are fully done up around her and after being triple hooded her head is wrapped in red tape. Then bound with her arms at her sides she is gagged again and a clear jacket is zipped up over her outfit with the zip pulled up all the way to the top of her head. For Violet is is a heavy yellow rain suit with two clear macs over the top and she has been very tightly tied and rubber bandage gagged. Her gag is then taped over with clear tape and she is socked with a water hose before being sat down, very tightly hooded and had the water hose draped around her for good measure. Three macs for Luisa and she is bound sitting down with Helena there to hood and gag her. She is also wearing a red rubber swim cap and she is gagged with another cap tied tight across her mouth. The middle mac on her is being worn backwards so the hood of this mac is then pulled up and tightened up over her face.
Here are two ladies bound and gagged in their yellow rainwear and they can both be summed up as wonderful and delightful. Anita is wearing a long yellow plastic mac and yellow rubber boots and she has been taped to the beam with her arms spread. Helena is there to hood and tape gag her and she ends up with her legs and ankles taped together as well. With lots more tape securing her body and gagged mouth her feet are tied up to the lower beam and she ends up suspended in her tape bondage. Celeste has been bound sitting down in her yellow Rukka mac and wellies and a yellow macked Helena hoods her and gags her with a yellow rubber glove. Her gag and head are then heavily taped over and a second yellow Rukka mac is buttoned up around this helpless lady.

From Update 8th February
2 x HD Videos
178 Images
Kitty's Capers
18 mins 50 secs
Mallory & Blossom
Doubling Up
12 mins 30 secs
Kitty tied up and gagged in rainwear, what could be better than this? In a retro red mac and red wellies she had her arms roped behind her and was gagged with a delightful big wide red bit gag. A macked Helena then ties a matching red rain hat onto her head and one foot up in the air. Then tied spread out she is gagged with a large red ball gag. In a black pvc hooded mac she has her hands taped up and is chained to the fence in high heeled black boots, is hooded and rubber ball gagged very tightly. More chains are then added and her arms are cuffed and spread out along the fence. Wearing only a pair of panties with her clear mac and short black boots she had her arms tied to her sides and was tape gagged. A second mac was then draped around her by Helena and then roped onto her, she was hooded and her gag was taped around the tree to keep her still. In a full heavy duty black rubber outfit she was tied up, ball gagged and with a sou'wester on her head and a big wide collar around her neck. Then after being sat down she fell over and had to put put up with laying and struggling on the grass.
Having the ladies wrapped up in more than one layer is a very popular idea and always welcome so here we have Mallory in a long green hooded mac, rubber gloves and boots and she has been tied onto a chair and is soon hooded and pink scarf gagged. A long green cape is then draped around her and she is tightly double hooded. Blossom is wearing yellow and clear hooded macs and she has her hands tied up inside the mac sleeves and her arms have been taped together in front of her. She is then pink ball gagged and double hooded by a macked Helena who tapes over her gag as well. With her body now heavily taped and her mouth and head having received the same treatment she ends up rolling about on the floor.

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