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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
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From Update

16th November
2 x HD Videos
Imogen, Elle, Shannon
Glorious Tape
14 mins 55 secs - 672 mb
Isabelle & Bella
Heavy Metal
10 mins 15 secs - 460 mb
152 Images
Tape is so good as it ensures the ladies are very helpless in a very space of time and the tighter the tape the better it looks. Imogen is wearing a blue nylon jacket and blue nylon trousers tucked into black rubber Hunter wellies and with long black rubber gloves, her arms have been very tightly taped to her sides with cellotape and her knees are taped together. She was then hooded and gagged with a black rubber inflatable gag which swells out her cheeks beautifully and was held in place with cellotape wrapped around her head. After her legs and ankles shave been also taped she ends up on the grass as she rolls around unable to find any release. With Elle dressed in a long bright red hooded mac she has her arms taped behind her with black gaffer tape and she is hooded and tape gagged with the same. After walking over to the tree she is tightly taped to it including lots of tape around her mouth and tree sealing her into a very helpless situation. Shannon and Helena are both in blue and Shannon has had her arms bound out along the beam with clingfilm which is really just wide clear tape. Her body and legs are then tied with the same and cling film is tied over her tape gagged mouth and head. She is then blue gas masked, hooded and with more cling film around her head she looks even better.
Ladies in metal chains, helpless and delightful and even if not fully silenced with their gags the noise and moaning they are making is quite delightful to hear. Isabelle is wearing a cotton beige rain coat and white boots and she has been chained to the wall with her arms and legs apart. Then with the mac fully buttoned, chains are added to her body and around her neck forcing her to hold her head up and she is gagged with a metal ring gag holding her mouth wide open. Bella has been chained to the bed in a sitting position while wearing a long hooded silver mac and silver Hunter wellies. With her arms and legs spread out chains are wrapped around her body holding her to the bed and she is gagged with a metal ball gag. Her mac is peeled open to reveal her bare booted legs and her knickers and the macs hood is pulled and tied down over her eyes. A gas mask is then added and the hood tied over it leaving her looking even more delightful.

From Update

9th November
2 x HD Videos
Always Tight
16 mins 15 secs - 735 mb
Violet & Imogen
Double Header
12 mins 10 secs - 549 mb
137 Images
It is always good to make sure the bondage is tight when Jet is about as she loves to struggle every hard and the tighter it is the better it shows off her body and curves so this is how it will have to continue. In a long silver mac she had her wrists and neck locked into a bondage board and her booted legs bound with a spreader bar. She was then rubber gagged and her body was roped to the post behind her emphasising her large breasts. The hood was then tightened down over her eyes leaving her sightless as well as helpless. Sat and tied into an arm chair while wearing a clear white spotted mac over her pink bra and knickers along and with white Dunlop wellies. Her ankles were crossed and bound and she was gagged with a wide white ball gag with a breathing tube. The breathing tube being necessary because after she was hooded her head was wrapped in white tape until only the breathing tube was showing. A red cotton mac, red wellies and a red ball gag to go with her roped body and arms before she was forced to lay down on the table and then hogtied as tight as possible. A rope from her gag forced her head up and back which kept the ball gag extremely tight in her mouth and limited her struggling. A very delightful sight.
Two ladies bound to be very helpless and well gagged, then both end up with a double head covering to make sure they are properly covered. Violet is wearing a see thru blue hooded mac and has been tied up standing up against the wall with her arms tied outwards and the laces on her boots tied together. Ropes are then tied around her body anchoring her to the wall and she is rubber ball gagged. Then a blue rain bonnet is tied around her head and as she struggles she does something she does so well, and that is drool from her rubber gag, which she continues to do even after her gag is taped over with clear tape. The macs hood is then pulled up and tied over her rain bonnet, leaving her head double covered. Imogen has had her arms roped in front of her and her wrists tied down to one booted foot and she is gagged with a very wide scarf covering all of her lower face. She is wearing a heavy duty beige riding mac, a white rubber swim cap and white rubber gloves and then a gas mask is then strapped onto her head covering her gag, cap and head.

From Update

2nd November
2 x HD Videos
Here Again
11 mins 40 secs - 525 mb
Violet, Estella, Imogen, Victoria
Table Decorations
10 mins 0 secs - 449 mb
146 Images
No sooner had Isabelle started here with us and she left the country for twelve months, but am now very happy that she is here again and hopefully to stay. This is one of the first places she has stopped at which must be a wonderful sign for the future. In a retro silver knees length mac and silver Hunter wellies she had her arms roped behind her and looking very beautiful she was sat onto the table, had her legs and boots roped together and was ball gagged. The laid down a rope around her knees was tied off around her neck and her bound booted ankles were tied up in the air to make her as helpless as she could be. Then in skimpy white lingerie and a clear mac she was again tied with her arms behind her and was cleave gagged. After being sat into the arms chair Helena puts on her bare legs a pair of pink spotted wellies which end up tied together and her gag is taped over with pink tape. Outdoors in a green Rukka mac and green waders she is tied to a post with her arms down her sides and is soon hooded and leather bit gagged. One of her legs is then tied up in the air to show off her boots and to make her situation even more pleasurable to look at.
Bondage table decorations in the form of Violet and Imogen being dressed and tied up and gagged each by one of their beautiful friends. Violet has been tied up sitting on a table wearing a short yellow jacket and coloured heart wellies on her bare legs. Her legs have been tied out to the chair legs spreading her legs wide and her arms tied tightly behind the post she is leaning on. She has a wide scarf cleave gag in her mouth and a similarly Estella hoods Violet and then tapes over her gag around the post with clear tape, leaving her with no movement at all. She then has a wide white scarf blindfold applied which is also taped to the post. Both Imogen and Victoria are wearing short red rain coats and Imogen is tied sitting on the table with her legs tied out to the corners. Her arms have been tied into her lap and Victoria relishes being bale to red ball gag her best friend after hooding her. She then tightens the hood down over Imogens eyes and ends up kissing her on the ball gag as she is enjoying her friends dilemma so much.

From Update

26th October
2 x HD Videos
Loving It
12 mins 45 secs - 573 mb
Lily & Elle
One Colour
11 mins 40 secs - 526 mb
134 Images
Shannon loves coming here and enjoys the dressing up as much as she does the bondage which has to be double pleasure. Dressed in a retro red patterned mac, short red wellies and red gloves, she was bound sitting on a stool with an umbrella under her arms and a red ball gag was soon strapped into her mouth. Then with the collar turned up a red spotted rain bonnet was tied onto her head adding a delightful touch to her outfit and bondage. In a long silver hooded mac Shannon had her hands balled up and taped into the mac sleeves with clear tape. With clear tape around her body and legs she was hooded and ball gagged with a silver metal ball. Then with more tape around her body holding her arms tight to her body and with her gag taped over with the same she was left to swing around in the rope holding her upright. Looking particularly stunning in a short red pvc dress, a knee length glass clear mc, red Hunter wellies, red rubber gloves and a red swim cap she had her arms roped down to her thighs and was gagged with a bright red ball gag. Then a rope was added around her neck and tied off to the wall to stop her wandering off and to stop her reaching her ball gag, of course.
Sometimes it is good to have the ladies dressed in just one colour of rainwear before their bondage is applied and that is just what has happened to Lily and Elle. Lily is in a long white hooded mac with white wellies and white rubber gloves. Her hands have been roped in front of her and after being sat down onto the metal tank her arms were roped to her body, her legs roped with her ankles crossed and she was gagged with a large white ball gag. Then hooded and with white tape wrapped around her gagged mouth a rope around her neck holding her head up prevented her from reaching her very well gagged mouth. For Elle it is a retro blue mac with blue wellies and after having her arms taped behind her and her body and legs taped she is bought down onto her knees onto a blue tarpaulin. Now rubber ball gagged she is made to lay down in the bright sunshine and taped into a hogtie using a blue umbrella.

From Update

19th October
2 x HD Videos
Better & Better
13 mins 40 secs - 618 mb
Violet & Shannon
In the Dark
10 mins 15 secs - 462 mb
152 Images
Malika is loving her time here and not only does she look better and better every time she is dressed and tied she likes it more and more. In a blue hooded mac and blue wellies she was roped into the big wooden chair with her arms along the chair arms and her stockinged legs tied out to the chair legs. Tight rope around her chest holds her firm and was soon hooded and gagged. Finally her legs were roped to hold them apart as well. In a yellow belted riding coat and heavy black and yellow wellies she had her arms roped behind her in front of the mirror so there are two of her, which has to be a good thing. Rubber gagged and with her ankles bound the collar strap was done up with her hair tucked in making a beautiful double image sight as she looks at herself. A short clear rain jacket, black rubber waders and gloves and rope holding Malika between two trees with her arms and legs spread and a tight crotch rope. Hooded and rubber ball gagged and left to struggle left her kneeling and hanging from her ropes as escape was not going to happen.
Two ladies in the dark, rainwear that is. Violet is wearing a long shiny black pvc belted trench coat and very shiny black wellies. In the first instance she had her arms tightly taped behind her with silver gaffer tape. Her arms were then tightly taped to her body and her legs together and with the collar turned up and a matching hat on her head she was gagged with the largest ball gag we have. From this Violet ended up on the grass and she was taped into a delightful hogtie with more tape around her gagged mouth and hat. Shannon is in a one piece very heavy rubber suit and has had her arms roped down to her sides and was rubber ball gagged over the big hood. A rope around her neck stopped her wandering off and then with her body fully roped she does look a wonderful sight.

From Update

12th October
2 x HD Videos
Imogen, Emily, Jet
All Over
15 mins 05 secs - 680 mb
Jade & Shannon
Seeing All
12 mins 20 secs - 553 mb
146 Images
It's always lovely to see the ladies totally helpless and fully covered in layers of rainwear, the macs just adding to the ladies helplessness. Imogen is wearing a blue nylon rain suit with a purple see thru mac over that and then a clear hooded mac over that and with black rubber boots and long black rubber gloves. She has been tied into a chair with her arms roped down her sides and her legs tied out to the chair legs. First rubber ball gagged which is swapped for a white one with a breathing tube she has the macs fully done up around her helpless body and is triple hooded. A clear jacket is then zipped onto her backwards and the hood pulled up over her face breathing just the breathing tube poking through. For Imogen it is a long pink mac with a cleat one and then a see thru red trench coat and her outfit is coupled with red rubber boots and gloves. She has her arms roped in front of her and is gagged with red leather and with all the coats buttoned up she is double hooded and a rope around her neck makes sure she is going nowhere. Then comes Jet wearing three one piece rain suits, first there is the black one then the pink and then the clear and for her these are with black rubber gloves and boots. She has been cuffed and roped to the wall with her arms and legs spread and is first rubber ball gagged which is taped over as soon as she has been triple hooded. Her whole head was covered in tape as all over has to be the way to go on occasions like this.
Having the ladies dressed in clear macs over their clothes and lingerie provides a sight where all can be seen. Jade is wearing a clear hooded mac over her very short dress and had been tied with her arms stretched out while sitting on a desk. Her bare and booted legs are left to be kicked around while Helena hoods and ball this beauty enjoying her bondage. Her legs were then spread wide and tied out with more rope around her knees holding her legs wide apart. Helena finished by tying the hood even tighter down over Jade's eyes. The very beautiful Shannon has on a white spotted clear hooded mac over her bra and knickers and she has to balance on her high heels after being tied with her bound wrists pulled up and tied up in the air behind and in her mouth is the largest white ball gag we have. Then with her arms roped to her body behind her she was left tied to an overhead hook as she swung herself back and forth in her ropes.

From Update

5th October
2 x HD Videos
Lady in Bloom
12 mins 05 secs - 543 mb
Jade & Alexia
An Inevitable Result
10 mins 05 secs - 453 mb
148 Images
The lady here is Bella and this lady has now lost her bondage and rainwear virginity, the other virginity being lost a while ago as she is blooming in every other way. She did not want to wait once Shannon had told her about us, so here she is looking absolutely lovely. In a long glass clear ankle length trench coat over her bra and knickers and with a matching hat and gold Hunter wellies she had her arms taped down to her sides and was cleave gagged. After hobbling over to the middle of the lawn she was laid down onto it and her ankles were taped together and her gag was sealed into her mouth with more tape. In a long heavy black rubber coat and black rubber gloves and waders her legs were roped apart and her arms tied down to her legs, with the mac being left open to show off her delightful body. A big black rubber ball gag and black rubber sou'wester completed her attire, with the result being very appealing. Bella loved these bib pant outfits as soon as she saw them so into the red ones she had to go, along with the red arms protectors and red rubber gloves. Tied with her arms out along the beam and her legs apart she was gagged with a huge red sponge ball gag before this was changed to a huge red rubber one. As she wants to hurry back we will make sure she does so before her upcoming happy event.
Sometimes an inevitable result of ladies being ball gagged in they will drool from them and for these two it is something they are so good at. Jade was dressed in a leopard print mac and had her arms taped in front of her and her legs spread and taped out to the table on which she was sitting. Hooded and gagged with a huge red spiky ball gag soon produced a result she is very happy to indulge in and did produce as much drool as possible. Alexia had been roped into her red cotton riding mac and black rubber riding boots and then sat onto the floor. In her mouth first went a leather bit style gag and almost immediately she began to drool. She is never able to stop once she has started and continued when the gag was switched to a rubber one. A bonus was that the mac she was wearing showed up her saliva quite delightfully.

From Update

28th September
2 x HD Videos
Ruby, Shannon, Emily
Showing Off
14 mins 30 secs - 652 mb
Malika & Lavinia
Shiny Bound
8 mins 35 secs - 384 mb
148 Images
A wonderful way to show off the ladies is to have dressed in clear macs over their lingerie before they are tied up and gagged. Ruby has on a short clear mac with red edging and with red wellies over her black bra and panties and she has had her arms tied behind her and she is red ball gagged. Then with her arms tied to the beam behind her one leg is also tied to the beam by a rope around her knee. Then with the hood pulled up over her head her ankle was also tied up to the beam so she was then bound standing in the splits position and she had to hobble of one foot and the only result of her struggling was the drool from her ball gag. Shannon is wearing a very long glass clear trench coat with pink wellies, the pink matching Shannon's underwear. She has her arms roped across her back and is pink ball gagged before she is laid onto the floor and put into a tight hog tie, resulting in a very beautiful sight of this lovely in such beautiful and tight bondage. Emily looks gorgeous in her white body stocking so with it had to be a clear white spotted mac and white Hunter wellies and she was bound up against the wall in the spread eagled position. Crotch roped, hooded and white bit gagged and with the mac left open her knees were tied together increasing the scenes beauty.
Two ladies tied up in shiny macs and each with matching boots. The lovely Malika is wearing a shiny ankle length pink hooded mac with pink wellies. She has been bound sitting on the floor with her arms tied out to the hooks in the wall and with her legs bound together. Then, with a pink ball gag strapped tight into her mouth she is hooded and a rope from her knees to around her neck keeps her knees up close to her chest. Her bound ankles are then also tied to one of the hooks further immobilising this lovely lady. For Lavinia it was the same style mac but in shiny green with green Hunter wellies and she has been roped to a post with her arms roped in front of her. After lots more rope had been used to further bind her she was hooded and then with the hood tied down over her eyes a rope around her neck made sure she kept her head up and provided a little more futility to her struggles.

From Update

21st September
2 x HD Videos
At Home
16 mins 10 secs - 733 mb
Violet & Imogen
Well Covered
13 mins 20 secs - 602 mb
140 Images
With Alexia staying at a friends house it was a very good chance to get her dressed up and tied up and gagged in the house before she moves again. So in a long red hooded mac, short red wellies and red gloves she had her arms taped in front of her with her elbows together and was hooded and cleave gagged. Her legs were taped together and her arms roped down to her legs so she could not reach her gag, which was heavily taped over to match her bondage. In a metal rocking chair with her in a long clear mac over her dress and with silver gloves and Hunter wellies she had her arms roped to the chair sides, her body roped to the chair and her booted legs tied together. Then hooded and tape gagged she was left to do the only thing she could and that was to rock back and forth. Then it was very shiny black pvc for Alexia, long mac, boots, gloves and hood to start with and her being very tightly roped into a chair with her arms behind her. Her mouth was taped over and the hoods blindfold was attached which was then taped over as well , completely covering her in shiny black.
Two ladies very well covered in their rainwear and then secured in very tight bondage, the two effects being exactly what we are about. Violet is wearing an ankle length pink mac, a striped see thru blue mac and then a clear red edged mac over the top. She has been bound to the post with her legs together and her hands tied up inside the pink mac sleeves and her arms roped out to hooks in the wall. Head harnessed gagged over the pink hood then the two other hoods pulled up over her head as well and with the top clear mac done up around her, she looks so very wonderful. Imogen is wearing a long clear hooded mac over orange rain trousers and jacket and with long black rubber gloves covering her arms and black rubber boots on her feet. After having her arms roped behind her and rubber gagged over the orange hood she was laid down and tied into a hog tie with the clear hood then being tied up over her head and down over her eyes.

From Update

14th September
2 x HD Videos
Drew, Imogen, Shannon
Loved Like This
15 mins 05 secs - 679 mb
Violet & Shannon
Escape Proof
12 mins 10 secs - 549 mb
168 Images
Phil asked to see a lady gas masked after she had been gagged and blindfolded with tape, but first we had to make sure Drew was very secure. This was done by taping into a chair with her balled up and taped hands secured in her lap and lots of very tight tape to tie her to the chair and then gagging her and blindfolding her with the same. Happy to say that Drew was very content like this as she loves it when secured and helpless so she cannot move. CJ would like to see lots more use of head harness gags as he finds this more exciting when the ladies heads are strapped and buckled as much bas possible. It is something we can certainly do inn the future, in the meantime here is Imogen in a clear mac over her lingerie and wearing a pink ball gag head harness which is tied off overhead so she stays where she has been put. For Allen S it is Shannon in short black rubber retro wellies along with her bondage. She has been roped into a chair in the garden with her hands bound along the chair arms and a very large red ball gag has been strapped into her mouth. First left like this so she can kick her booted legs in the air and then with them tied to the chair with her knees crossed. Her gag was swapped for this to a rubber strap gag. Her knees were then tied to the chair arms so her legs were up in the air and spread and she is now wearing a black rubber ball gag. To finish her ankles were crossed and roped leaving this lady delightfully helpless.
Escape proof bondage with two ladies dressed in nylon rainwear and very lovely they look too. Violet is wearing a yellow nylon jacket with pink patterned wellies and she has her arms strapped out to a board while sitting on the floor. Her booted legs have also been strapped tightly together and after the hood has been pulled up and tied over her head and down over her eyes she is ball gagged. Her knees were then pulled up into her chest and held there with another strap from her knees to around her neck. Shannon is out in the garden in a blue nylon suit and has had her arms taped down to her knees with clear tape. Then stood up her arms were taped together even tighter and then to her body and her knees were also tightly taped and she was cleave gagged over the nylon hood. A long brown nylon coat was then zipped up around her and after being double hooded her gagged mouth as sealed with more tape. After the brown mac had been taped over she was gas masked and then soaked with water showing off just how delightful wet nylon can look on a very helpless lady.

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