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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update

15th March
2 x HD Videos
Ruby, Emily, Lacey
Heavy Metal
13 mins 40 secs - 616 mb
Shannon & Flame
Tied in Trenches
98 mins 10 secs - 414 mb
140 Images
Three ladies bound and helpless in their chains and padlocks. Ruby is dressed in a see thru red mac with red Hunter wellies and has had her wrists double cuffed and chained down to the cuffs around her boots. Chains around her body are secured overhead and stop her raising her arms and she is gagged with a metal bit gag. Then hooded and her gag is changed to a large metal ring gag over the hood and a clamp is put on her tongue so she is unable to put her tongue back into her mouth. Another gag change and this time it is a mouth filling rubber gag with a bright red face plate to match her outfit. The beautiful Emily is topless under her blue see thru mac and is also wearing purple rubber boots and purple rubber gloves. She has been chained into a chair with her arms and legs spread out and cuffed to the wall behind her. She is then gagged with a metal ball gag and hooded. After her arms had been re cuffed to the chair legs a large metal ring gag was used on her mouth and more chain was used to further secure her body to the chair. Then comes Lacey, the latest lovely to grace these pages and she has been chained up against the wall while wearing a heavy duty beige riding trench coat. She is leather bit gagged and Helena is there to tie a rain bonnet onto her head and add a metal collar to make sure she has to keep her head up. Lacey is a lady who loves her bondage as you will be seeing more of her in the near future.
Shannon is wearing a cotton rain coat and has been put into bondage in the garden on a sunny day by having her arms tightly taped behind for starters and she was gagged with a rubber spiky bit gag. Then with her arms taped in front of her and then having them taped to her body and a tape collar to hold the coats collar up she had to hobble across the garden which caused her to drool all down herself. She was then left sitting on the grass and to continue drooling from her gag. Flame is in a gold plastic trench coat and gold wellies, she has had her arms roped behind her and her body and legs tightly roped. After being ball gagged she was helped down onto the floor and her knees were tied up close to her chest and her bound ankles tied back to her wrists making her very totally helpless. After being sat up and tied again with her legs crossed her gag was changed to the same rubber bit gag as Shannon wore. This of course caused her to drool as well.

From Update

8th March
2 x HD Videos
Beautiful Blonde
14 mins 05 secs - 637 mb
Lavinia & Imogen
In the Black
9 mins 0 secs - 402 mb
140 Images
Emily is such a beautiful blonde and when dressed and tied in macs and boots, her appeal only goes through the roof. In a red Rukka mac and red boots she was tied into a chair with her arms at her sides and her ankles crossed. Red ball gagged and hooded came next as well as more rope and the mac being wrapped around her legs. Finally the chair was tipped back so she ended up laying on the floor which does look a lovely sight. In a long clear trench coat and very high heeled boots she had her arms roped in front of her while being tied to the post and to go with this she was cleave gagged. Her arms were then bound down to her knees forcing her to bend forward. After more rope to hold her to the post she was gagged with an inflatable rubber gag held in place with a clear face plate. In waders and a long hooded rubber coat and gloves she had her arms roped behind her out in the garden and was rubber ball gagged. Sat onto the grass she first had one leg tied up behind her and was then put into a hogtie and she was left to roll around on the grass.
Two ladies in the black, rainwear that is with the inevitable ropes and gags. Lavinia is in her beautiful house and dressed in a knee length zip up black pvc mac and with black Hunter wellies. A white Hunter booted Helena has this lady's arms roped behind her and her ankles bound together. Helena then gags her with a huge white rubber bit gag and after sitting her onto the couch she passes a rope from her bound wrists through her crotch so she can pull up on it to tease and play with her victim. A black rain bonnet is added to her head as Helena continues to tease her bound victim. A heavy rubber clad Imogen has her arms roped down by her sides and is rubber ball gagged and a sou'wester is tied around her head as she swings around in her ropes which were tied off overhead.

From Update

1st March
2 x HD Videos
(NEW) Flame
Soon Captivated
19 mins 20 secs - 876 mb
Celeste & Victoria
Nylon Escapades
10 mins 40 secs - 479 mb
154 Images
Flame is a friend of Ruby's and has been captivated, in more ways then one, by this site. She is not new to bondage but is blown away by this type of bondage so she is now one happy lady with another string to her bow. In a shiny blue retro mac she has her arms roped behind her and is gagged with a blue bone gag from which she starts to drool almost immediately and then bound into a tight hogtie and with her boots tied to her ankles the more she struggles the more she drools. In a pink rain mac and pink spotted boots her arms are tied to the post behind her for a while before being lowered and her body is roped to the post and she is pink ball gagged. Then with her arms tied in front of her she is hooded and gagged with a different pink ball gag and one foot is tied up behind her forcing her to hobble on one foot and drool again as she struggles. Sat and taped very tightly into a small chair with her arms behind her while wearing a blue hooded mac and blue Hunter wellies, she is cleave gagged with Helena taping this over. More tape for Flame courtesy of Helena as well as the macs hood and then more tape around her mouth, head and hood. After making sure Flame is fully secured with more tape her eyes are also taped over sealing her into this style of bondage very beautifully. Ruby has said she must be the drooling queen, but she may now some competition!
Ladies in nylon rainwear bondage trying their best to escape their bonds. Celeste is in a nylon jacket with Hunter wellies and has been tied sitting on the floor against a post and with her knees bound close to her chest and her hands roped down close to her knees. She is then gagged with a large knotted scarf and she is then hooded and her gag is taped over with layers going of tape securing her head to the post. Another nylon jacket is then bound over her legs for good measure. Victoria has been tied sitting on a high stool in a blue nylon jacket and with blue wellies on her bare legs. Her arms are tied into her lap and she is gagged with a black rubber spiky ball gag which causes her to drool copiously. Then hooded and her gag changed to a bit gag and with a rope around her neck so she cannot reach her gag her drooling continues. Then comes Imogen and Victoria in nylon jackets and red wellies and Victoria is roped standing against a post. Imogen ball gags her friend and then hoods her tying her hood down over her eyes

From Update

22nd February
2 x HD Videos
Bella & Ruby
Layered & Helpless
11 mins 20 secs - 509 mb
Celeste & Elyssia
Always Reddy
10 mins 35 secs - 477 mb
141 Images
Multi macked and tied up and gagged, how much better can it get than this? Bella is dressed in a long pink hooded mac with a purple one on top of that and then a yellow one over the purple. With the macs wrapped around her body her arms were very tightly taped down her sides and was then head harnessed ball gagged over the pink and purple hoods. Her booted legs were then taped together as well and the top yellow hood was tied tight down over her head and she was left to roll around on the grass in her wet macs and the rain. Ruby was roped into a chair with her arms at her sides while in red and purple macs. Her legs were heavily roped together and her body secured to the back of the chair. Then hooded and a ball with a breathing tube was stuffed into her mouth and then clear taped to seal it into her mouth.. The top purple hood was then pulled down over her head and eyes leaving the breathing tube poking out. A clear spotted mac was then draped around her for good measure.
Two ladies and both are reddy to be bound, gagged and kept helpless after being dressed in their red rainwear. Celeste is wearing a knee length bright red zip up mac and she has had her arms bound tightly behind her, is anchored to the wall behind her and her red booted ankles have been crossed and tied together. She is then hooded and tightly red leather gagged filling her mouth and silencing her very effectively. To increase her bondage a rope around her neck was tied down to her bound ankles forcing her to stay bent forward. Elyssia is wearing a knee length red plastic trench coat and this has been buttoned and belted around her and after having her arms tied at her back she is very tightly red ball gagged. Then sat and laid onto the metal tank she has a red spotted rain bonnet tied onto her head and her bound feet tied to the end of the tank so she is unable to stand up.

From Update

15th February
2 x HD Videos
(NEW) Meg
Saying Hello
14 mins 35 secs - 658 mb
Bella & Emily
Light Touch
8 mins 20 secs - 375 mb
132 Images
This ravishing beauty is Meg and here she is saying hello. Introduced to us by Elyssia this gorgeous busty lady was very keen to appear just as we were when we first met her. What better way to start with this exotic beauty than having her topless in a clear mac sitting on a desk with her fishnet and booted legs tied far apart. With her arms tightly roped in front of her she was very soon rubber ball gagged and after being hooded a rope around her neck tied off above her made sure she kept her head up as she started to drool from her rubber gag. In a bright red shiny hooded mac and red wellies she had her arms taped behind her and then her arms taped tight against her body. After being cleave gagged she was hooded and several layers of tape were wound around her gagged mouth and she was then laid onto the floor. She did manage to break the tape around her ankles so one leg was tied high into the air to make up for it which increased the delight of seeing her struggle and moan no end. In a long hooded navy mac and navy riding boots she had her arms roped up to the beam behind her and was gagged with a red ball gag over the hood. Being tied like this did cause her to drool copiously all down herself and this continued even more so after she had been sat and tied upright with a spiky black ball gag instead of the red one. Meg is very happy to be here and she is coming back with Elyssia very soon, which is going to be lots of fun.
A lighter touch and by that we mean light coloured macs on tied up and gagged ladies. Bella is wearing a white mac over her bra and panties and nothing else, she has had her arms roped behind her and is then sat onto the desk and one knee is tied up close to her neck so she is unable to stand up again. She is then gagged with a huge white ball gag and then hooded as well she is left to kick her feet into the air. Eventually her other leg is tied back to the chair leg leaving her totally helpless. For Emily it was a light green mac and green Hunter wellies and she started off with her arms hoisted and tied high up behind her and ball gagged, of course. A rope from her ankles to her neck made sure she stayed bent forward as she struggled in her ropes. Then with her arms lowered and tied tightly behind her, her body was covered with more rope and her ball gag was retied over her hood, leaving her struggling again as she rotated in her bonds but was never going to be able to move very far as she was anchored by rope from her elbows to an above hook.

From Update

8th February
2 x HD Videos
Jade, Imogen, Ruby
Leather Bound
16 mins 30 secs - 745 mb
Violet & Jade
Hogtied Beauties
9 mins 15 secs - 416 mb
174 Images
Strapped up and leather bound ladies combined with their macs and boots and you have a wonderful scenario that is always worth seeing on bondage loving beauties. A blue macked Jade has been strapped onto a high stool by a blue macked Helena and Jade has been gagged with a huge leather mouth filling gag. Helena removes this gag and fits a full head leather hood onto Jade and then leather bit gags her as well. Ropes from the sides of the hood now holds her back to the beam as the more helpless she is the better. Imogen has on a long green hooded mac and pink boots and after having her hands taped up inside the mac sleeves her arms are strapped together in front of her and then very tightly strapped to her body. Her leather gag is tied off overhead and then she is leather blindfolded as well. Then comes a leather head harness gag over the mac hood and then a large plug gag as she is laid onto the floor with her ankles strapped together as well. A variety of gags has to be a good thing. For Ruby it is a long pink hooded mac with high heeled leather boots and onto her goes a leather single arm glove and straps to bind her body. Around her neck goes a leather collar and onto her head goes a leather head harness gag with a large ball behind the face plate. Then after being sat onto the chair and more straps applied to her legs she was gagged with a huge leather gag filling her mouth and covering her face and eyes at the same time.
Hog-ties are beautiful and so in this case are the ladies in them. Seeing them struggle in such a lovely helpless way really is one of the most delightful bondage sights possible. Violet is wearing a white retro mac with white Hunter wellies and white rubber gloves and a white swim cap completely covering her hair. She has had her arms very tightly roped behind her and tightly gagged with a very tight large white knotted cleave gag. Then sat onto the table she had her legs tied together and then was bound into a tight hogtie with her head tied back after a white scarf was tied over her already gagged mouth. Her struggles are now very delightful to watch. Jade was dressed in her own coat and on her way home, she thought. She did not have time to put her own boots back on before she was roped gagged and hogtied onto the mattress and she had to have her gagged mouth covered as well.

From Update

1st February
2 x HD Videos
More Than Happy
15 mins - 677 mb
Ivory & Shannon
All Seeing
10 mins 55 secs - 493 mb
144 Images
It has been a long while since Mallory was last here but luckily enough she is more than happy to be back and now wants lots more. In a long bright pink mac and pink patterned wellies she was tied into a chair with the mac draped back to keep her boots on view. Arms behind her, knees together, ankles apart and now ball gagged she struggles delightfully, happy to be back. Then hooded the hood drawstrings were tied down to her waist so her head stayed covered apart from her ball gagged mouth. In a green riding trench coat and with Helena in a beige one, Mallory had her arms roped behind her and was then rubber gagged and a sou'wester was tied onto her head. One of her wader covered legs was then tied up to the beam forcing her onto one foot leaving her totally helpless. Mallory was then fully dressed in three macs, one red, one green and one clear over her rain trousers, boots and gloves. Her arms were roped and taped to her body in front of her and she was ball gagged over the red hood. The green and then the clear hoods were then also tied tightly down over her head and she was sat down and had her legs taped together. Layers of gaffer tape was then wound around her head and gagged mouth and then over her eyes as well leaving just the tip of her nose poking through
A good way to see all when it comes to rainwear bondage is clear macs over lingerie and these two ladies prove just how delightful this can be. Ivory is wearing a knee length zip up mac over her black lingerie and she is also with black and white star covered rubber boots. Her arms have been taped behind her with clear tape and she is ball gagged by Helena. Then with her ankles taped and her ball gag taped over she is bought down onto the floor and ends up laying on her side with a rope from her knees to her neck so she has to stay just like this. Shannon has been roped into a chair with her arms by her sides and her knees together and her ankles bound to the chair legs. She is wearing a glass clear black spotted clear mac over her very short black dress and after being leather bit gagged she is tightly hooded as well as being secured with more rope.

From Update

25th January
2 x HD Videos
Celeste, Jade, Bella
Thanking You
16 mins 50 secs - 759 mb
Jet & Lavinia
Blinded by Love
8 mins 55 secs - 401 mb
146 Images
This is to thank the lovely people who have sent us these items to use here. Nylon Jackets from Roger F and waders from Jon and Bob and you end up with Celeste taped up in a blue nylon jacket and waders on her bare legs.. She had her arms taped up inside the sleeves and her body and legs immobilised with more grey tape. A mouth filling scarf gag was taped into position over the jacket hood and after being sat into a chair she was held there by more tape around her gag and the chair. These beautiful padded oats come from Arne and they are so delightful to use for bondage especially when the ropes are tightened as much as possible as in the case of Jade here. A large red ball gag and then the big hood which is taped onto her head and around the gag with clear tape. This heavy duty green riding mac comes from Rob and in this case Bella has been roped into a chair wearing it and riding boots. A rubber gag is in her mouth and her pig tails are then tied down to the chair so she has to stay bent forward. This has one delightful side effect and that is to make her drool, something she does so very well, which will also please a lot of people.
Two rainwear clad ladies showing off their lovely bodies as well as their bondage and both ending up with their heads fully covered and being very effectively blindfolded. Jet is bound into a leather chair with her hands roped in her lap. She is wearing just a clear white spotted mac and white wellies over her pink bra and knickers. On her head is a white swim cap and she is gagged with a very tight white cleave gag. A second matching cap is then tied over her lower face and gag and then a third over her eyes and head which is secured in position with white tape. Lavinia is wearing a very short blue rain jacket over her bra and knickers and blue wellies on her bare legs. Her arms have been bound in front of her with scarves, her legs bound together and a large scarf stuffed into her mouth filling it completely and this is held in place by another. She is then hooded and sat onto the floor where her arms are further bound and a long scarf is tied around her head several times leaving just her nose expose

From Update

18th January
2 x HD Videos
So Welcome
13 mins 25 secs - 607 mb
Violet, Estella, Bella
Dark Times
9 mins 50 secs - 442 mb
132 Images
Ruby is so welcome to keep coming back here, she is loving it and so are we. In a shiny yellow hooded Rukka mac and yellow wellies she has her arms roped behind her and is loosely hooded. Ropes then attach her to the beam and is ball gagged over the mac hood, before one foot is pulled up and tied to the beam making her keep bent over as she struggles and moans in her ropes. In black bra, knickers and stockings she has black rubber waders, long gloves and a swim cap added to her outfit. She was then tied into the strappado position with her arms pulled up as high as possible and was rubber gagged. After leaving her swing around in her ropes her arms were lowered and behind her with a tight crotch rope. Her wader covered legs were then tied apart as far as possible and her gag changed to the very large black rubber dildo gag which completely filled her mouth and looked quite wonderful. In a red see thru mac and red wellies Ruby had her arms tightly roped in front of her while in a sitting position and was hooded and ball gagged. To stop her reaching her gag a rope around her neck made sure she kept her head up.
It is dark times for Estella in shiny black pvc in the hands of Violet and for a black rubber dressed Bella. With both Violet and Estella in shiny black pvc macs and red toed black rubber boots, the rain bonneted Violet has the rain hatted Estella with her hands taped behind her and she is also tape gagged. Violet continues to tape her good friend and then helps to lay her down on the grass and then rolls her around in her bondage. A heavy rubber coated Bella with red rubber boots and gloves has her arms bound up behind her to the beam and one knee also tied to the same beam making sure Bella is standing on one foot. She is also wearing a black rubber swim and a huge black rubber dildo gag fills her mouth. Then sat onto the metal tank her arms are bound behind her and her legs crossed and tied with more red rope and her gag is changed to a red leather mouth filling head harness gag.

From Update

11th January
2 x HD Videos
Well Cared For
15 mins 55 secs - 722 mb
Jet & Bella
Short & Long
10 mins 30 secs - 474 mb
140 Images
It is always good to look after and care for Imogen as she is such a lovely treasure who loves to be bound and gagged as you see here. Wearing a clear hooded mac over her beautiful bra and knickers and with silver wellies she had her arms taped behind her with silver gaffer tape, her knees taped together and her mouth taped shut. Then hooded and after her gag was taped over with several more layers she was laid onto the floor and was taped and roped into a delightful hogtie, which always has to be a good thing. In a very attractive beige heavy trench coat and white wellies Imogen had her arms roped behind her, was anchored to the wall and was scarf gagged. A white spotted rain bonnet was then tied onto her head and her gag and bonnet was taped over. After being sat onto the floor a rope from around her knees to around her neck made sure she was not going to stand up again. In a red nylon coat and red toed heavy duty rubber boots she was tied sitting on a tank with her legs tied together. Hooded and gagged with a hard plastic ball gag caused her drool a lot and more so after a rope around her neck held her head up.
Some like their rainwear short and some long so here is a little of both. Jet is wearing a short red rain jacket with red wellies on her bare legs and she has had her arms tightly roped behind her which are then tied up to a tree branch and she is hooded and gagged with a wide and tight red bit gag. Then with her gag changed to a very large red sponge ball gag she has to endure tape wrapped around this gag and her head to seal it in place. With her ankles tied as well she is left to struggle in her ropes. For those who love to see the ladies covered and tied in long heavy duty macs here is Bella bound in a long hooded heavy duty navy mac. She was bound sitting on a chair with her arms and legs tied out to hooks in the wall and was gagged with a red ball gag which was strapped deep into her mouth. Her arms were then tied close to her chest and her knees were tied together and her gag was retied over the macs hood.

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