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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
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10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update

11th October
2 x HD Videos
No Escaping
16 mins 35 secs - 750 mb
Violet, Estella, Vixxen, Jet
Bondage Love
10 mins 10 secs - 456 mb|
152 Images
Making sure the beautiful and buxom Elle cannot escape is what it is all about. In a buttoned and belted beige trench coat with white boots and gloves she had her arms roped behind her and was cleave gagged with a thin white scarf. She was among many of the coats and wellies and her ropes are tied off overhead. Her mouth was then filled with another scarf and this was tied in place and then taped over with white tape after a rain bonnet was tied onto her head. Out in the field on a sunny day and Elle is dressed in a heavy duty navy coat and black boots. Her body and arms have been very tightly gaffer taped and is cleave gagged, then hooded and then this was taped over. Onto the floor she went and was left to roll around in the dirt which added a nice touch to her bondage. Sat onto a table in a silver hooded coat and silver wellies, her arms were roped behind her and her ankles tied out to the table legs and her mouth was tightly taped over. After being hooded her mac was undone and pulled black to reveal her topless body. Her huge breasts had been bound with rope and her hood was tightened down over her eyes and more tape was wrapped around her gagged mouth and hood.
Loving bondage is always more fun for the ladies when they have a girl friend to dress them, tie them and gag them and it is always more fun to see. Eslella was ever only able to make one visit with Violet but as you can see that visit was very worthwhile. With both the ladies in clear macs and patterned wellies Violet was pleased to be able to ball gag Estella after she had had her arms roped behind her. Then after being hooded she was sat onto the metal tank and her legs were roped together and a rope from her knees to around her neck made her very helpless and Violet very happy. This was also Vixxen's first visit when she came with Jet and Jet could not wait to help immobilise her good friend. With both of them in bright red hooded macs Vixxen's arms and body were roped and connected to an over head hook. With her friend hooded and cleave gagged Jet wrapped tape around her gag, head and ankles until she was so helpless that even violet struggling did not help one little bit.

From Update

4th October
2 x HD Videos
Kat & Ruby
Layered in Plastic
11 mins 15 secs - 507 mb
Layered in Nylon
11 mins 35 secs - 523 mb
Violet & Ruby
Drooling Queens
9 mins 10 secs - 411 mb
166 Images
Layered up ladies in plastic and nylon rainwear, always a wonderful choice to have the ladies mummified and layers of rainwear is such a perfect way of doing things like this. It is four plastic macs for Kat, blue, pink, yellow and then clear and she has been clear taped into a chair very securely. Heavily tape gagged over two hoods, the yellow one is then added and m,ore clear tape around her head and gag and her eyes are then taped over as well, just to ensure she is secure as possible. Is four macs for Ruby as well. Red along with red gloves, wellies and swim cap, white spotted red trench coat and a long clear hooded on backwards. Tied with her arms and legs around a tree. Lots of tape covering her full up mouth and then double hooded tightened down over her eyes. The trench coat collar was turned up and then the hood of the top clear mac was pulled up and tightened over her face which is always a good idea at time like this. Elle was covered in four layers of nylon starting with her being double suited and with her arms roped behind her and a cleave gag in her mouth over the first hood. Double hooded and with her body roped a red nylon coat was fastened around her and this was very tightly taped over as was her gagged mouth. A heavy green nylon coat was then zipped around her body backwards and this was taped over as well. With her laying very helpless on the grass the green hood was tied up over her head leaving her in her own little nylon world.
Put ladies into bondage and gag them with ball gags and with some ladies one thing they cannot do and that is to stop drooling from their gags. So if you have ladies that you know are going to drool it has to be best to put them in coats or jackets that will show off this delightful side effect. These two drooling queens really love to do this so are more than happy to do so when given the chance. Violet has been roped into a standing position with her arms at her sides while wearing a light blue nylon jacket and wellies on her bare legs. Hooded and gagged with a spiky blue ball gag she starts to drool as she struggles and the more she struggles and moans the more she drools and she manages to drool through the stocking tied over her ball gag. Ruby is in a cotton trench coat and bound to a post sitting on the floor. Gagged with a large rubber ball gag the drool pours from her mouth and when one knee is tied up close to her chest and with a rope collar it appears the tighter she is tied the more she drools.

From Update

27th September
2 x HD Videos
Jade, Fay, Buffy
Boarded Up
8 mins 05 secs - 361 mb
Jade & Violet
Short is Good
12 mins 05 secs - 546 mb
134 Images
Three ladies 'boarded up' in this sense put into bondage using wooden neck, wrist and ankle boards to bind these well dressed ladies. With Jade in a yellow Rukka mac, white gloves and white boots she was clamped into the wall mounted neck and wrist board with another board holding her cuffed ankles apart and she also had a very tight rope around her waist and was yellow ball gagged. Her struggling was of course useless as there is no escape from equipment like this. A bare footed Fay wearing a short clear hooded rain jacket was locked into a board by her wrists and ankles with metal handcuffs linking her wrists to stop her pulling her arms out. Hooded and cleave gagged she ended up rolling around on the floor as she tried hard to escape. Buffy was roped into a chair in her long blue hooded mac, black rubber gloves and boots and with her ankles tied out to the chair legs. She was also locked into a wrist and neck board and leather bit gagged. Handcuffs were locked on each wrist to ensure she could not pull her tiny wrists out and was then leather blindfolded to keep her as helpless as possible.
Short rainwear, with boots of course is always a very good thing as you can see. Jade is wearing just a very short Peter Storm red nylon cagoule with black rubber boots over her tights. Her hands have been balled up and taped with clear tape and her arms were taped to body with the same by Helena. Helena then fills up Jade's mouth with a scarf, hoods her and tapes the gag in place with more clear tape. With more tape around her body and legs Jade is turned around so she can be shown off. A long clear hooded mac is then fastened around Jade with the hood pulled and tightened down over face showing what a good thing this can be. Violet is wearing a heavy duty yellow rain jacket with yellow Hunter wellies on her bare legs. Her arms have been very tightly bound behind her with her elbows very close together and she was yellow ball gagged. Her bound elbows were tied off overhead pulling her arms up behind her and leaving her very helpless. Her ball gag was sealed in place with clear tape and a rope from her neck to one knee meant she had to hobble on one foot increasing her helplessness to a very delightful degree.

From Update

20th September
2 x HD Videos
Very Clear
9 mins 10 secs - 413 mb
Ruby & Kat
Trying to Please
13 mins 20 secs - 602 mb
Elyssia & Shannon
Escape Proof
10 mins 35 secs - 477 mb
138 Images
Phil M loves to see multi macked, especially in clear macs and then put into bondage with lots of clear tape. Here we have Buffy in clear trousers and two clear macs and she has had her arms and body very tightly taped and was also rubber gagged. With a scarf tied over her gag and then that covered with layers of clear tape she is indeed very secure. Lots more tape around her body and she was laid onto the floor and left to struggle and roll around. A little more drooling by Ruby for Jon and Sonny but this time with a long scarf tied over her drooling mouth at the request of BG. Ruby has been roped into a chair in a green trench coat and she is with a very large red ball gag in her mouth making her drool down the front of the coat, always delightful to see. She then has a rain bonnet tied onto her head and a long pink scarf sealing the ball into her mouth. Long time member Philip T has asked to see a red Rukka mac being used with an inflatable gag, so here is Kat in a shiny red Rukka mac and red wellies and she had had her arms red taped in front of her which are then roped down to her taped ankles. A large inflatable rubber gag is stuffed into her mouth and inflated as much as possible filling up her mouth and swelling out her cheeks. This is then held in place with a red harness and this is tied off overhead so she cannot reach the bulb with her hands. Finally she was blindfolded with several layers of her red leaving her bulging mouth on view.
Making sure the ladies cannot escape their bondage is all part of the job and it is delightful when it works so well. Elyssia is in a bright pink long mac with pink wellies and she has had her arms roped heavily and tightly behind her and these ropes are tied off overhead. Then gagged with a pink scarf she was hooded and the scarf was tied over her mouth and around her head. A rope from her neck to one knee made sure she had to stay hobbling on one foot making escape impossible. Shannon is wearing a bright red short plastic trench coat buttoned around her body and red wellies on her bare legs and she has been tightly roped onto the bedroom swing with red rope. In her mouth went a huge red sponge ball gag and after her booted feet were tied up behind her she was left to swing around and unable to touch the floor.

From Update

13th September
2 x HD Videos
Head Up
13 mins 30 secs - 610 mb
Elle & Vixxen
Doubling Up
9 mins 50 secs - 439 mb
146 Images
Drew is back again and she happened to mention how much she likes her head in bondage with hoods, masks and a sealed up mouth and being blindfolded. After saying that, it was obvious what was going to happen to her. Was it a mistake for her to say that, absolutely no, it was a delightful thing to say. In a bright red hooded mac and boots she had her leather hands cuffed behind her which were attached to a leather collar. On her head went a leather head harness tied to an overhead hook and after being ball gagged and having her legs strapped together she was left to rotate in her very helpless situation. In a yellow Rukka mac and very heavy black and yellow wellies she was clear tape into a chair with her rubber gloved arms taped down by her sides. Her rubber gag was then covered in layers of black gaffer tape and her eyes under went the same treatment after her hood had been pulled down over her eyes. In a long pink hooded mac, pink gloves and wellies she had her arms tied behind her while sitting on the cheat and was hooded and pink ball gagged. She was the laid onto her side by Helena who rolled her into a hogtie position. After being very securely hogtied it was time to give her again what she likes. Helena wraps many layers of clear tape over gagged mouth and covered eyes before her head is pulled back and taped to her ankles to make sure she was totally helpless with her head up and looking quite stunning.
Two ladies who have been doubled up in their macs and the macs being soaking wet which always look so much better when they stick together and the tight bondage of course. Elle is in a wet purple metallic hooded mac with a wet see thru hooded purple one over the top. Her arms were roped at her sides and her booted legs were tied together. Ball gagged over the metallic purple hood she does look particularly lovely as she struggles in her tight ropes around her body and large breasts. Then double hooded she was sat down with the hoods tied down over her eyes and a rope around her neck to the beam behind her makes sure she keeps her head up. For Vixxen it was a long clear hooded mac over a bright red one as well as red boots and gloves and being out in the garden she had her arms roped behind her and was double hooded and red ball gagged. Onto the grass and into a tight hogtie before her knees were roped up close to her chest with a rope from her ankles to around her neck. Lots of struggling, but all to no avail.

From Update

6th September
2 x HD Videos
Back for More
14 mins 40 secs - 663 mb
Shannon & Elyssia
Clearly Helpless
11 mins 05 secs - 498 mb
162 Images
It has been a while since Fay has been here but here she is back for more and very happy about it, just as we are. Full heavy rubber with waders had to be a good idea so she was roped onto a high stool with her arms tied behind the post in a rubber coat, gloves and waders. Her feet were tied apart to show off her legs and she was then rubber gagged and a sou'wester was tied onto her head. Her wader covered legs were then tightly roped together and she was re gagged with a large rubber ball gag tied over the sou'wester to keep it tight onto her head. A very beautiful way to make a return entrance. In a clear white spotted mac and white Hunter wellies she had her arms very tightly bound behind her with her elbows touching, this being done with bandages pulled as tight as possible. Bandages down her body secured her and another bandage was wrapped around her already bandage gagged mouth covering her lower face. Another was then used to wrap around her eyes and gag again to tied her head to the post, leaving just her nose protruding through her bondage. She was then tied into a chair in a blue mac and blue wellies and with her hands in her lap and her knees tied together. A tight fitting blue rubber swim cap was strapped onto her head and she was gagged with a blue ball gag, showing just how good having the rainwear blues can be.
Two ladies in clear macs suitably bound and gagged for the fun of it. Shannon is out in the garden in a long hooded clear mac over her black skimpy outfit and silver wellies. Her arms have been roped in front of her and her knees and ankles roped together. Then hooded and rubber bit gagged her hands were tied down to her knees forcing her to stay bent over. From here she ended up on the grass and to prolong her bondage her hands were tied down to her ankles making it impossible for her to get up again. For Elyssia it was a glass clear mac over her lingerie and very high heels and she first had her arms roped behind her and was rubber gagged. Then sat onto a stool and heavily roped to make sure she stayed there Helena wound layers of clear tape over her gagged mouth and then over her eyes. To finish a rope from her neck to her knees made sure she was totally helpless.

From Update

30th August
2 x HD Videos
New & Talented
16 mins 0 secs - 793 mb
Imogen, Shannon, Ruby
escaping the Trenches
13 mins 40 secs - 617 mb
164 Images
Vixxen is our new and latest lady to join us. This alternative, beautiful lady is very talented when it comes to bondage as already she has found just how wonderful it can be and as she loves to dress up as well, she is absolutely perfect for us. In short and tee shirt and with a pair of yellow wellies she was very tightly roped into a chair with her arms in her lap and she was gagged with a knotted scarf. A yellow cape was then draped around her and bound to her body and after being hooded was looking just gorgeous wrapped up in yellow rainwear. Helena thought so too and was not to let this lady out of her sight. In a very heavy rubber coat, waders and gloves she was roped to a post with her wader covered legs spread and tied far apart. She was gagged with a rubber bit gag and Helena was there to add a sou'wester and then peel back the coat to reveal Vixxen's waders and legs. Looking lovely in a clear white spotted mac over her bra and knickers Vixxen was also wearing pink spotted boots and she had her arms taped behind behind with white tape. This tape being pulled as tight as possible and she was also white tape gagged. Tightly hooded and more tape around her gag and legs and she was laid onto the floor where she kicked and struggled and Helena cuddled up to her in a very loving way.
Imogen has been tied up on the floor wearing a red mac, wellies and gloves, her arms have been roped down to her boots and she is gagged with a red ball gag. To add to her bondage a red rubber swim cap was strapped onto her head just so it matched the rest of her outfit. For Shannon and Ruby it was a case of trying to escape from their trench mac bondage. A shiny black trench rain coat fro Shannon and a pair of high heels and she had her arms roped behind her and tight ropes around her body. In her mouth went a black ball gag. The top of the mac was then fully done up around her and was left to try and escape while also being tied to the wall behind her. A gold trench coat fro Ruby and she had her arms roped in front of her while sitting on a desk with her gold booted legs tied out to the chair legs. This now ball gagged and rope collared lady then had a clear concertina rain bonnet tied onto her head and her struggling was as futile as Shannon's.

From Update

23rd August
2 x HD Videos
Violet, Elle, Vixxen
Well Dressed
17 mins 30 secs - 793 mb
Lily & Meg
Floored in Macs
8 mins 25 secs - 369 mb
126 Images
So many of our members love waders and for John C, Markus, Andrew and all other wader lovers here is violet looking particularly lovely. She has been spread eagled up against the wall in a bathing costume, waders and long rubber gloves with a open glass clear trench coat and she is gagged with a rubber inflatable gag filling her mouth. After the coat is done up around her a matching rain hat is pulled down onto her head and her wader covered knees are tied together, ensuring a little more helplessness. White rubber swim caps are another item many love to see, so for Laurent and Alastair here is a very glamorous Elle with a swim cap gag for Ryan, which always look so delightful. A white spotted clear macked and capped Elle has had her arms clear taped in front of her and a cap is forced between her teeth and tightly taped to her face. More caps were draped around her neck and her white gloves hands were further taped and she was then tightly hooded for good measure. Mick B has asked to see again ladies with their boots tied onto their arms and for this we have a beautiful new lady for you by the name of Vixxen. Very keen and very happy to do this in a pink hooded mac with pink striped wellies and with pink spotted wellies on her arms. Gagged with a pink scarf she was sat onto a chair, roped to it and hooded and gagged again by Helena. A beautiful combination with her arms bound into the pink boots on her arms.
Two ladies in their macs and bondage and ending up on the floor. Lily is in a light green hooded mac with red rubber boots and gloves. She has had her arms roped behind her and she has been gagged with a huge red rubber ball gag. She was then hooded and the gag was retied over the hood before she was bought down onto floor and she ended up in a lovely hogtie as she struggled and rolled around in her very helpless state. A long blue mac for Meg with blue Hunter wellies and she started off with her arms tied behind her and her ropes tied off to an overhead hook and in her mouth is a tight blue ball gag. Then sat onto the floor and with her legs tied together she was very helpless as she struggled, just like Lily.

From Update

16th August
2 x HD Videos
Caught Again
16 mins 05 secs - 727 mb
Ruby & Jade
Tight Tape
9 mins 55 secs - 446 mb
138 Images
Flame was very impatient to come back around and to get caught up again in macs and rope and how very delightful she looks when she did make it. In a clear mac over her black lingerie she had her booted ankles tied out to the bench legs and her arms roped behind her. She was also rubber ball gagged and after being hooded this tape was sealed into her mouth with layers of clear tape. She was then left to enjoy herself for while. In a see thru red mac and red wellies she was sat onto the floor and her arms were tied out to the hooks on the wall and her Hunter booted legs were roped together. She was then hooded and gagged with a red leather ball gag with a wide face plate and finally a rope from her knees to her around her neck improved her helplessness quite nicely. A silver Rukka style mac and with silver Hunter wellies on her fishnet covered legs and she had her arms tied behind her with tight rope around her chest and was gagged with a wide white knotted scarf. Another long scarf was wound around her gagged mouth and she was laid down onto the table. Then into a hogtie before one leg was tied up close to her chest and she was left to kick her legs around as she struggled very happily in her bonds.
Tight tape on rainwear clad ladies is always an absolute delight and the more secure they are, the better. Ruby was dressed in a long clear hooded mac over her black lingerie and black and white wellies. Her arms were very tightly taped behind her and she was gagged before long with a scarf stuffed into her mouth, this was then taped in position and she was then hooded and more tape was wound around her gagged and hooded head. Then laid onto the floor with her ankles taped together she looks so delightful as she rolls around in her tight tape bondage. A blue plastic suited and macked Jade was taped into a chair in the garden in the hot sun and she was tape gagged and hooded. Helena then sprays her with water and Jade ends up blindfolded after tape is wrapped around her hood and eyes. The chair was then dragged across the lawn to leave her to dry out in the hot sun.

From Update

9th August
2 x HD Videos
Wanting More
12 mins 45 secs - 572 mb
Flame & Kat
Locked & Chained
9 mins 40 secs - 434 mb
150 Images
Jet is always very keen to come around and wanting to be put into bondage and we are always happy to oblige this lovely lady. In a red bib pant outfit with a red hooded jacket, gloves and heavy rubber boots she was roped up against the fence with her arms and legs spread and she was then gagged very tightly with a red ball gag. More rope around her body and knees and re gagged over her hood and then with a large rope collar she was left delightfully helpless. In a heavy duty yellow riding coat with yellow, gloves and boots she was rope to a tree with her arms at her sides. The tight ropes holding her against the tree were accompanied by a very tight ball gag and then a yellow sou'wester. Her struggling got her nowhere but did look very good as she pulled her feet up in the air. Later she bought a fiend of hers round as she was very keen to se what was going on, so we would like to introduce and exotic lady by the exotic name of Vixxen. With Jet tied up in a long black mac and rubber ball gagged she delighted in being able tightly hood her very good friend, help her onto the floor and then tie her into a lovely hogtie and then play around with her. Vixxen is also going to find herself on the other sides of the ropes which is going to be very pleasant viewing.
Ladies in heavy duty locks and chains for an ultimate form of bondage form which escape is always impossible, but it is always fun to watch them try. A rubber clad Flame in waders, mac, gloves has her arms cuffed in front of her and her arms tightly chained to her body. Her wrists were chained to her ankle chain and she was metal ball gagged. A red tench coated Helena then forces this lady to bend over and puts her bottom on display and pulls on the chain now coming through her legs forcing her to stay bent over. A very exotic looking Kat in exotic lingerie, white Hunter boots and white mac and gloves had her arms and legs cuffed out to the wall and with a very tight chain around her waist. Her first gag was a metal ball gag and after being hooded her gag became a metal bit gag. Then with more chains holding her against the wall and the mac being fully done up around her her gag was switched again to a metal ring gag.

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