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Beautiful bondage girls in rainwear and fetish wear of rubber, pvc and plastic.
All dressed in macs, coats, capes, jackets, cat suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hats, masks and gas masks.
The girls will always be tightly bound, secured, and silenced. They will be roped, taped, chained, strapped, cuffed, wrapped and gagged every way possible.

Here are a selection of images from the last few weeks updates. Please enjoy.
The galleries move through the site at various speeds, but will be available for a minimum of five weeks after they first appear.

10 x High Definition Videos will be shown at any one time.
The videos will remain on site for five weeks only after they first appear.

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From Update


4th June

2 x HD Videos
Safety First
11 mins 45 secs - 527 mb
Malika & Helena
Seeing Red
9 mins 0 secs - 402mb
156 Images
At times like this is has to be best to have the ladies secured and heavily dressed where possible to keep them as safe as possible. A red dressed Imogen wearing a red rubber hood, boots and gloves has had her arms strapped outwards while she is sitting on the floor. She is then gagged with a very large red bit gag and her knees are strapped up close to her chest reducing what little movement she was capable of. The red mac hood was then pulled up over her head and tied to her chest strap so her head and face were covered in red plastic. In a light blue plastic trench coat and white boot and gloves her body was roped to the post behind her and her arms were bound together in front of her. Her legs have been crossed and tied outwards and she is soon white ball gagged. To stop her reaching her gag rope is used to hole her arms downwards and bind her already helpless body a little more. In a heavy duty yellow cotton riding coat with a yellow rubber swim cap on her head and also wearing black waders and long black rubber gloves she was tied sitting on the bed with wader covered legs spread out as far as possible. Her arms have been roped in front of her and she is black rubber gagged. A rope around her neck then secures her head upwards to stop her leaning forward.
This is seeing red and seeing everything else at the same time. A stunning Malika in a fishnet to with tape on her bare breasts and wearing thigh length leather boots has been bound to a post in an open see thru red mac tucked up into the ropes to show off her legs. She is then ball gagged with a large black rubber gag and her mac is then done up around her and her body roped and the large hood is pulled up over her head and down over her eyes. A naked Helena in a long clear mac has had her wrists strapped to her legs and she is forced to bend over and then hooded and leather head harnessed muzzle gagged. Then on the bed Helena is then topless with her nipples taped in a red mac and has her arms roped in front and taped inside the mac sleeves and she becomes gagged and laid down. Then tied down to the bed she is left to struggle with her bare feet on view.

From Update


28th May

2 x HD Videos
Violet, Lolli, Helena
Capped & Bound
14 mins 25 secs - 651 mb
Flame & Helena
Seeing All
10 mins 25 secs - 469 mb
204 Images
The lovely Violet is wearing a blue mac,boots and swim cap strapped under her chin, her arms have been roped to her body with red rope and she is blue bit gagged. Then with one foot on a chair and rope from that knee to around her neck she is unable to move at all. Helena is there to add another blue cap to her by fitting it over her mouth and nose and strapping it over her head. Now helpless and looking quite cute like this, Helena seems very pleased with her handiwork. For Lolli it was a pink mac and boots and she was roped onto a high stool with her arms in her lap. On her head is a tight fitting pink swim cap and in her mouth is a pink ball gag. Helena adds a rope collar to this very helpless lady which is tied to the beam behind her had so she cannot move. Helena is tied up on the bed in a bright red short tench coat, and red rubber gloves and boots. Her arms have been tied out along the bed frame and her lags are roped together. A red rubber swim cap is then fitted onto her head and she is rubber ball gagged and her mac is fully done up around her and the collar is turned up. Sat onto the floor Helena is wearing a purple mac, boots and gloves and has her knees tied up close to her chest. Her purple ball gag is strapped tight over her swim cap and this is eventually covered over with a long purple rubber scarf.
Dressed in clear or see thru macs is always a delight to see as seeing what the ladies are wearing under their macs always adds to the pleasure of it all. Flame is wearing a red see thru mac with red boots and gloves and she has her arms roped behind her and is red ball gagged. This tight fitting ball gag makes her drool almost immediately. Then sat and laying on the floor with her body and knees roped her gag is now over the top of the mac hood which has been tightened down over her eyes. Helena is in a long clear mac over her purple lingerie and her arms have been taped inside the mac sleeves and she is gagged with a large white rubber gag, Laid onto the chaise lounge she is hooded and now gagged with a large white pvc gag and her white booted legs are taped and bound together. Then sat up her gag is changed again to a long white scarf. Then double wet clear macked out in garden she has been bound with thin wire and black ball gagged. After hobbling over to the tree she is re gagged over the mac hood and left entirely helpless with the unforgiving wire digging deep into her body and macs.

From Update


21st May

2 x HD Videos
Helena, Luisa, Celeste, Blossom
Double the Delight
10 mins 0 secs - 449 mb
Violet & Ruby
Well Padded
11 mins 45 mins - 531 mb
162 Images
Two ladies together is double the delight and all of them love to be bound with Helena. First in green Rukka macs and green Hunter wellies Luisa and Helena have their arms roped behind them and are soon gagged with pink spiky gags and their roped waists are tied together so they have to stay close to each other. Then hooded and pink ball gagged with her booted ankles tied to each other, their gags are changed again to much larger ball gags and the gag kissing continues. With Celeste and Helena in long bright yellow Rukka macs they both have their arms and bodies roped and with Helena sitting in the chair and Celeste on the arm they have their Hunter booted feet tied together. With both of them tightly ball gagged and hooded more rope is used to bind them to each other. Both Blossom and Helen are in retro metallic macs and tied by the waist to each other. With matching ball gags in their mouth their hats are added and more rope holds these two tightly together as they enjoy their bondage and struggle and gag kiss each other.
Here are two ladies helpless in their padded coats and very lovely they look too. Violet is wearing a thick blue arctic wear padded coat which is so perfect for the cold weather and she had had her arms and body red roped and macked Helena is there is red ball gag this beauty. She is then led outdoors to the garden seat where she is sat and her legs are bound and the ball gag is now strapped over the big hood which has been fastened around her head. With legs lifted onto the seat she is now entirely helpless and Helena is there to make sure she stays this way. Ruby is in a long very shiny black padded coat with black shiny boots and she has her arms tied behind her and is scarf gagged. Then sat down her legs are bound together and a rope from her knees to her chest will keep her there and her mouth is filled with a red sponge gag held in place by two scarves over the coat hood.

From Update


14th May

2 x HD Videos
Jade, Mallory, Helena, Saria
Mixing it Up 3
16 mins 50 secs - 758 mb
Vixxen & Helena
Leather Bindings
12 mins 45 secs - 574 mb
178 Images
Jade has been tied up in a beige riding mac with her arms roped in front of her and to her body and her booted ankles are tied together. On her head is a black rubber sou'wester and in her mouth is a black rubber spiky bit gag. A rope around her neck means she cannot lower or move her head very much. The gag is there for two reasons, one being to silence her a little and the other is get her to drool as much as possible. These rubber gags being particularly good when you want the ladies to drool and Jade doe her job exceedingly well. Mallory is wearing a matt red long Rukka mac with gold Hunter boots and has been tied to the bed on which she is sitting with her arms tied to her sides and with her feet roped together. She is gagged with a ball gag on a red pvc face plate, hooded and her body is further roped holding her in position. Then comes Saria and Helena tied up together on the bed in black see thru macs and rubber riding boots. Both are ball gagged over their hoods and their ankles next to each other are bound together. Then their gags are switched to long pink scarves and their legs are further roped together. Then with them both in long blue macs they are tied up next to each other again and roped together. Both are ball gagged again and then gas masks and hoods were added for good measure and appeal.
Leather bindings always look very attractive and do a very good job at the same time. Vixxen has been put into a black leather single arm glove over her blue mac and then had this strapped to her body, her booted legs have also been strapped to the legs of the high stool she is sitting on. A leather collar and a leather muzzle gag has been tightly strapped over her hood and mouth. This gag is then connected up overhead so she has to keep her head high up. Then with her mouth taped over a head harness is strapped around her head and again above her head so her body and head are very straight. Helena is wearing a shiny purple mac and high heeled boots and has been strapped up against the wall with purple leather straps, she is hooded and gagged with a purple leather gag forcing her mouth wide open. Then outdoors in a long pink mac with a leather bondage skirt strapped around her and her arms are cuffed around her. She then has to hobble around the garden in her leather bondage and leather gag fully covering her mouth.

From Update


7th May

2 x HD Videos
Imogen, Violet, Helena
Mixing it Up 2
14 mins 45 secs - 666 mb
Violet & Helena
Escape Impossible
12 mins 10 secs - 548 mb
156 Images
Another assorted galleries of the ladies dressed and bound to hopefully please. Imogen is wearing a very short pink hooded rain jacket, tights and silver wellies and she has been tied sitting on the floor with her legs spread and tied at her knees. Her hands are roped together and they are soon tied above her head and she is pink ball gagged at the same time. Then with her arms spread wide and her ankles bound together Helena then hoods and ball gags this beauty again and finally wraps a long pink scarf over her gagged mouth. A white macked, booted and gloved Violet has had her arms roped in front of her with tight rope and short wooden pole down to her knees and with her legs are tightly bound as well. Then after being white tape gagged the pole from her wrists is tied up to her neck with more rope holding her body in tight bondage. With her ankles now loose she sits herself onto a chair where she stays. Helena is tied to a pole in a bright red mac and high heels, her arms are tied behind her and she is tied at the waist, knees and ankles. She is then gagged with the belt from the mac and more is added to secure her to the post. She is the hooded for good measure. She was then taken outdoors to hobble around the garden with her arms tied in front of her and still tied at her knees. With a knotted scarf in her mouth and sunglasses covering her eyes she was eventually hooded as well.
Here are two very good examples of making sure any escape is impossible. Violet has been dressed in a blue hooded mac with a clear trench coat over the top and she has been roped sitting on a packing trunk with her arms behind her and her booted legs roped together. A rope from her knees to her chest makes sure she is staying put. She is the hooded with a clear full head hood over the blue mac hood and a red ball gag is forced into her mouth through the only opening on the hood. More rope then around her neck forced her knees up a lot closer to her chest. She is now as helpless as any lady could be and she is with no chance of escape. Helena is wearing pink, blue and purple macs over each other and she has had her arms very tightly taped to her sides and her hands are taped up inside the inner pink mac sleeves. Pink hooded, tape gagged and with all three macs fastened up around her a lot more tight tape was wound around her body and especially around her booted legs. She was then left to roll around on top of the many macs covering the bed, not that she could move much at all.

From Update


30th April

2 x HD Videos
Silver, Lolli, Helena
Mixing it Up 01
15 mins 50 secs - 713 mb
Violet & Helena
Loving Rubber
10 mins 0 secs - 452 mb
166 Images
The first of our new gallery mixing things up to offer a mixture of what we have before we can start shooting again. Silver has been taped onto a chair while wearing blue nylon trousers and three nylon jackets of pink, blue and green. Helena is there to first hood Silver and then scarf gag her after doing up the inner pink jacket. The blue one is then zipped up on her and her gag is tightly taped over the blue hood. Then the green is zipped up and tape is used to secure her to the chair. More jacket are then wound around her bound body and finally one is pulled up on her backwards so her head is sealed inside the nylon hood. A bright red dressed Lolli has her arms tied behind her and ropes to hold her to an overhead hook. After her legs and feet have been tied she is gagged with an ultra tight red ball gag forcing this into the back of her mouth. She is the sat onto the bed before being laid down with rope from her neck to her knees making it impossible for her to stand up again. Helena has been tied into a white striped retro mac and high heeled white boots, her arms have been tied into her lap and the knickers in her mouth are being held there by a white scarf. A white rain bonnet is tied onto her head as head covering is as important as everything else.
Bondage is rubber rainwear is a delightful thing to see and loved by many. Violet is wearing a very long heavy duty rubber coat with black rubber riding boots and black rubber gloves. She has been bound onto a chair with her arms at her sides, the coat is buttoned and belted and the collar strap is in position. In her mouth is a large black rubber ball gag holding her mouth wide open. Helena is there to tie a sou'wester onto her head and she then admires and cuddles the lovely looking and helpless Violet. Helena is in waders with a short rubber coat and long black rubber gloves worn over the jacket. Her arms have been tied in front of her and her knees are tied together and to the post behind her. A rubber gag is in her mouth and a lovely sou'wester hat is on her head. Out in the garden her arms are now tied to her sides and she is made to hobble slowly back to the house in her rubber bondage. A gas mask is added to her outfit as a loving touch before she enters the house.

From Update


23rd April

2 x HD Videos
Lola, Fay, Malika, Violet
Loved Like This
18 mins 30 secs - 835 mb
House Bound
9 mins 10 secs - 411 mb
172 Images
John Bull loves to see the ladies in clear macs over their lingerie, this yellow see thru mac that Lola is wearing is something that will hopefully please until we can start doing doing shoots again. Tied to a chair with her yellow booted feet tied out to the chair legs, Helena is there to first hood and ball gag her. Her hood is then tightened down over her eyes and her gag is taped over with layers of clear tape. Crazy T likes to se see these striped legging and Hunter boots so here is Fay dressed in green Hunter wellies and a green nylon jacket along with her leggings. Her arms have been roped behind her and she is cleave gagged. Then forced onto the floor she is hooded and hog tied for good measure. For Sam it is bondage with the ladies wearing glasses and here is the beautiful Malika in a red mac, and red rubber swim cap with a very tight red rubber ball gag strapped into her mouth. Gordon loves to see the ladies dressed in winter coats with a mac over the top. This is quite delightful for the cold weather and here is Violet in her own coat with a white spotted clear mac over the top. After her arms were tied behind her the mac was done up and she was hooded and ball gagged before ending up on the floor and roped into a very helpless position. 'Heavy clothes means very heavy tight bondage' says Gordon.
Unable to go out means Helena is house bound in more ways than one. In the bedroom tied to her dressing table chair in a silver mac and silver boots, she has her arms roped behind her and tight rope sealing is sealing her body to the chair. First cleave gagged with a white scarf over the mac hood, her boots were then tied back to the chair legs and her gag was covered with a silver scarf to match her outfit. In the kitchen in a long hooded red mac and with purple wellies and gloves she had her arms roped in front of her with purple rope and her wrists were tied down to her ankles to stop her moving away. Then hooded and gagged with a purple scarf she was left to struggle in between the macs hanging on the pegs. In the lounge she was bound sitting on the carpet in a beige lined hooded mac and pink Hunter wellies and pink rubber gloves. With her ankles and legs bound together and her wrist tied behind her she was hooded and cloth gagged which was taped over with pink spotted tape. Her knees were then roped closer to her chest to keep her on the carpet. Then in a blue retro mac and blue Hunter wellies she had her wrists tied together and her booted legs tied out to the coffee table so the laptop could rest on her lap and she could try to work while tied up.

From Update


16th April

2 x HD Videos
Loving It
13 mins 30 secs - 611 mb
Tight Tape
8 mins 40 secs - 390 mb
146 Images
Shannon has always loved coming here, she must do considering how long she has been doing it. She loves to dress up as much as she loves to be tied up and especially if the clothes she is put in are very shiny, so for one of the reason she is in this very shiny black rain suit is just that. With long black rubber gloves and waders and a rubber gag in her mouth she had her arms roped behind her and then tied up in the air putting her into the strappado position, which always looks lovely. The sat onto the floor with her arms and legs stretched far apart and rubber gagged over the suit hood a rope around her neck made her keep her head up, which Helena then tied down to her wader covered leg for good measure. In a shiny red mac and red boots she had her arms and body roped and was red ball gagged. Then onto the floor she had one knee roped up close to her neck and was left to kick and struggle as she showed off her bare booted legs. The hood was then tied down over her head and face. Sat up with her legs crossed she was again bound and this time with a much larger red ball gag over the mac hood. Out at the river in a see thru navy striped mac and black rubber riding boots she was bound very tightly sitting on a barbecue and unable to move off it. Tightly hooded and very tightly ball gagged as well goes very well with the tight fitting mac and bondage.
Helena bound in tight tape in the sun and the shade and dressed in a very appropriate way. In three disposable macs and red rubber boots and gloves her arms here taped to her sides with very tight clear tape. Hooded and tape gagged she hobbled over to the tree to get out of the sun and was quickly taped to the tree with a lot more tight tape so she could not move. Taped onto a chair in a blue mac and boots out in the garden, she again ended up totally helpless. Thin black tape was used to bind her to the chair with her gloved hands in her lap. Her fingers were taped together and her taped mouth was covered again with black tape. More tape was now used to decorate her bondage so the visual result was very pleasing to see.

From Update


9th April

2 x HD Videos
Ready for More
17 mins 05 secs - 770 mb
Suited to Macs
7 mins 10 secs - 321 mb
122 Images
Luckily for us Violet is always ready fro more rainwear bondage which is a wonderful thing. Dressed in a long yellow shiny mac with a see thru yellow plastic trench coat over the top and yellow and black rubber boots, she had her arms taped to her sides with her hands taped up inside the mac sleeves and was tape gagged. Then hooded and with lots more tape securing her body yellow tape was wound around her gag and hood. After she had been laid onto the floor her heavy booted ankles were tightly taped to make sure she was going nowhere. In a long shiny black trench coat and wellies she was changed up against the wall with her arms cuffed and spread and her ankles were chained together. On her head is a full head pvc hood leaving just her eyes showing and in her mouth is a thick cotton scarf gag. Her gag was then taped over and she was left to look stunning in her chains. In a heavy duty red cotton trench coat she was roped to the post behind her while sitting on a stool, on her head is a red rubber swim cap and in her mouth is a red ball gag. More tight rope was used to further anchor her to the post including rope around her neck so now all she could do is something she can do so well. Unable to move drool pours out of her mouth as she struggles.
Helena is dressed in rain suits with a mac on top and then tied up and either gagged or gas masked, both being as delightful as the other. In a yellow plastic rain suit and a see thru yellow mac on top she was tied to the palette frame with her arms and legs apart. Then with the mac buttoned up around her and rope added to her body and legs she was gagged with a white scarf over her mouth. A gas mask was added but no pics were taken (human error!). Sat onto a bench in the garden and tied there with her arms and legs tied out, she was wearing a shiny black suit with a purple mac on top. She was then gas masked over the top of the black plastic hood before the purple hood was tied up over her head. The black and purple combination always being a winner.

From Update


2nd April

2 x HD Videos
Shannon, Imogen, Helena
Trouble in Nylon
14 mins 05 secs - 633 mb
Betsy & Helena
White Out
7 mins 10 secs - 318 mb
148 Images
Three ladies in nylon rainwear bondage may be trouble for them but a delight for those who get to see them. Shannon is double jacketed in pink and turquoise with trousers and pink boots and her arms have been bound behind her and she is hooded and ball gagged. Sat onto the floor the top hood is then tied up around her head and then one leg is tied up to the overhead beam and she is left to struggle as she rolls around on the other nylon jackets. Imogen has been tied up sitting on a stool with her arms tied to her thighs and her legs apart. She is wearing a red Peter Storm cagoule with blue trousers and red boots and gloves. She is rubber gagged with her arms bound tight to her body and a crotch rope and she is soon hooded by Helena. Helena then takes a blue nylon jacket and tied the hood onto Imogen's head backwards so her head and face are sealed into the nylon. For Helena it was short yellow K-Way jacket with fishnet tights and yellow rubber boots and after her arms had been bound she was yellow rubber gagged. Then with her ankles tied out to the bed legs she was gagged again over the top of the hood. Then spread eagled out on the bed in an open longer yellow jacket she was scarf gagged and with the jacket done up the scarf was further wrapped around her already gagged mouth.
White rainwear for Betsy and white rainwear fro Helena and both of them tied up and gagged. Betsy is wearing a white striped hooded mac with red boots and her arms have been tied behind her and is gagged with a very large red ball gag. Then hooded with one leg tied up in the air behind she had to hobble and dangle from her ropes. This red booted leg was then tied even higher so she had to stay bent over increasing her helplessness even further. Helena is in a long white black spotted trench coat with a matching hat, white Hunter boots and white gloves. She has had her arms bound behind her as well and is white tape gagged. Then sat onto a stool her body and legs were tightly roped and more tape was used to gag her and secure the hat onto her head.

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